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The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
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Jacob Higgs is a Black Knight and the younger brother of Evie Higgs.[1] He served aboard a Black Knight ship until he was arrested for theft and sent to Port Sarim Jail. He was later kidnapped by the slaver "Iron Link" Jed during the Port Sarim Invasion.[2]

He has a close relationship with his sister Evie.[3] They both have great knowledge of boats,[4] and when Evie got word of his kidnapping, she signed up to the crew of the Sarim's Revenge immediately,[1] deserting the Kinshra in the process.[5]

When the crew of the Sarim's Revenge caught up to Jed, Evie demanded the return of her brother, only for Jed to reveal that he'd already sold Jacob to the khan of Goshima.[6] He found no one in Goshima, except for a jiangshi which he avoided. He managed to salvage a raft from the supplies he found on the island and sailed east to The Skull, taking an artefact that he assumed belonged to Trader Stan. He left Evie a note explaining his actions and begging her to turn back.

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