Evil Dave's Big Day Out

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Evil Dave's Big Day Out is a medium length Sixth Age quest featuring Evil Dave, Zamorak, and body swapping. During the quest, a backfiring spell causes the player to swap bodies with Evil Dave, and they must complete tasks in his body, such as completing chores for Doris, raising an army of hell rats, and smuggling them across the Shantay Pass. The quest was originally a TAPP for Mod Timbo.

Overview[edit | edit source]

BASEMENT OF DOOM[edit | edit source]

Evil Dave chathead.png

To start this quest, travel to Edgeville and enter the house south-east of the lodestone. Go down the open trapdoor near Doris to enter Evil Dave's Basement of Doom. Select either option to speak about the quest, and Evil Dave will explain that Zamorak has returned to Gielinor and he wants to conduct a ritual to get his attention.

He hands you Dave's spellbook and attempts to conduct a ritual with your help, though it seemingly fails and you end up blacking out and awakening in his bed, with him missing. Admire yourself in the mirror to the north-west and you will discover that you look like Evil Dave. Climb the cellar stairs back up to Edgeville and speak to Doris, who thinks that you are Evil Dave. After some conversation, it becomes apparent that you and Evil Dave have swapped bodies. However, Doris doesn't believe you and instead grounds you and commands you to do chores.

Chores[edit | edit source]

Search the wardrobe to the north-east twice to collect a tattered old broom and bed bug cleaner. Click on the rug in the centre of the room to sweep it with the broom to complete the first chore. Search the shelf on the west side of the house to obtain some dishwashing soap and use it on the sink nearby to clean the dishes, thus completing the second chore.

Right-click the sink and click 'take knife' to obtain the vegetable chopping knife, which can then be used on the southern table to chop some vegetables, completing the third chore. Finally, head back down to Evil Dave's basement, walk over to his bed to the north-east, and clean it.

Zamorak chathead.png

After all the chores are completed, you will take a nap in the bed and enter a cutscene with your character, who is actually Evil Dave, along with Moia at Daemonheim. They proceed to speak to Zamorak who, believing it is you, asks Evil Dave to spy on a meeting being held by Saradomin. After leaving, Zamorak asks Moia to tail Evil Dave, believing that he is acting erratically.

After the cutscene is complete, head back upstairs and speak to Doris to inform her that you have completed all of Evil Dave's chores. She teleports to the Grand Exchange to get some groceries, warning you that leaving the house will make you "double grounded".

Evil Dave's spellbook[edit | edit source]

As you are now home alone, you are free to explore the basement. Head back down and search any of the bookcases, using the second option if you want to skip extra dialogue. The first one has some puns based on famous real life books and fourth wall breaking. You will receive Dave's spellbook, but it can't be looked at without knowing the correct command phrase. Search the drapes to the north of the basement, near the bed, to discover a hidey hole containing a note along with one law, earth, and air rune.

Finally, search the boiler in the south-eastern part of the room to find another note with a spider attached. This causes you to freak out, which is odd because you are not usually scared of spiders. Interact with Dave's spellbook and your character will open it with the command phrase "Evil is the best". Unfortunately, you can't perform the ritual without Evil Dave being there, so you plan to intercept him in Falador when he tries to spy on Saradomin's meeting. To do so, you decide to seek out the Makeover Mage to transform yourself into a female version of Dave, Davegelina.

To teleport to the Makeover Mage, interact with Dave's spellbook again and select the first option.

If you interact with Dave's spellbook again and get the message "I don't need to use the spellbook right now", interact with the drapes once more and the option to teleport to Makeover Mage will appear.

Grand Exchange[edit | edit source]

Instead of teleporting to the Makeover Mage, you actually end up in the Grand Exchange, where Doris is purchasing her groceries. You quickly teleport behind cover to make sure that she doesn't spot you, and then consult the spellbook to see what you did wrong. Realising that Evil Dave has swapped the labels around in the book, you are ready to try again, but not before needing some more runes.

Earth and law rune[edit | edit source]

Head north-west and speak to any of the bankers to attempt to access Evil Dave's bank. The banker explains that there is a competition on today sponsored by Aubury's Rune Shop to win an earth rune. The competition is to guess the number of runes in a jar, of which there is only one. After saying this to the banker and confirming your answer, you receive an earth rune.

Continue speaking to the banker and they will allow you to access Evil Dave's account, which contains various random items, an emergency flask of stew, and a law rune.

Air rune[edit | edit source]

Speak to any of the Grand Exchange clerks to attempt to access the Grand Exchange. The clerk refuses because Evil Dave is banned from using the Grand Exchange after buying all of the shadow dye that was available. Request some air runes. The clerk will provide them, as long as you get them a drink. Try to give them the flask of stew, and they will explain that it is too spicy. Head to any water fountain, drink the stew yourself, and then use the empty flask on a fountain to fill it up with water.

Go back to the Grand Exchange clerk and provide him with the flask of stew-water, who gives you three air runes. Now that you have all of the runes you needed, you will teleport to the location of the Makeover Mage.

Makeover Mage[edit | edit source]

Make-over mage chathead female.png

You begin to speak to the Makeover Mage and try to explain that you are not Evil Dave, trying to validate your point by recalling your previous encounters with the mage, such as when you needed a goblin potion.

The mage recognises you, and you begin to explain your predicament of swapping bodies with Evil Dave. They transform you into a woman, and you become Davina, as the mage remarks that Davegelina isn't a good name. As you're out of runes, the mage teleports you back to Evil Dave's house just in time for Doris to arrive home.

Double grounded[edit | edit source]

Talk to Doris and she will be surprised at the fact that you smell fresh, asking you if you went outside. Select any of the options three times and you will eventually blurt out that you went to the Makeover Mage because you identify as a female. As you left the house, Doris double grounds you, and requires you to do the chores again.

Repeat what you did before - sweeping the rug, washing the dishes, and chopping the vegetables. Each time that you try to complete a chore, the tool you are using breaks. After attempting the chores, speak to Doris to learn where you would hypothetically get replacement tools if they broke. She tells you that you would visit Ernie in his general store. Open the door and select the first option to leave the house, then run north to the general store.

Talk to the shopkeeper to get replacement tools, which he provides free of charge. Head back to the house and complete the chores again, then go to the basement and clean Evil Dave's bed again to experience another cutscene.

Dave, still disguised as you, is in Falador Park speaking to Sir Tiffy Cashien about becoming an elite white knight. He tells Dave he needs to revisit his training, so requires him to defeat Sir Leye, and deal with sea slugs. After promoting him to an probationary Temple Knight white knight, Sir Tiffy takes Dave to Saradomin's meeting in White Knights' Castle.

After the cutscene is finished, go back upstairs and tell Doris that you have completed her chores again. She teleports away to visit Gertrude and tells you not to leave the house again.

White Knights' Castle[edit | edit source]

Go to the door and choose the second option to leave the house, then the first option to sneak into White Knights' Castle. You will arrive at the top of the castle, where a White Knight is standing guard with his back towards you. Go to the west and search the suit of armour to receive a knight's helmet, then continue west and search some crates for a lump of gunpowder. Use the lump of gunpowder on the helmet to receive a knight's helmet filled with gunpowder.

Pick up the hand-written note on the floor nearby and use it on the helmet to receive a knight's helmet filled with gunpowder and a fuse. Go to the torch hanging on the wall near the crates and use the helmet on it. Go to the White Knight and click on the helmet in your inventory to throw it, distracting him, at which point he will go to inspect it, before it explodes and sends him flying over the parapet. He will leave behind his charred white boots, which have no use in the quest, but can be picked up.

You will need to navigate your way past a series of guards with patrol routes, so keep an eye on where they are walking and walk behind them so that you are out of their line of sight. Keep travelling north-west, using the various walls on the roof as cover, until you make it to the castle door. You will arrive in a room with Sir Amik Varze.

Sir Amik Varze[edit | edit source]

Sir Amik Varze chathead.png

Talk to Sir Amik Varze to discover that he is drunk. He will begin to bark out orders for drinks. You have four chances at providing him with the drinks that he requests before you are tossed out and returned to the area you started in on the rooftop. Pay attention to your chatbox and on-screen messages as Sir Amik requests drinks.

Go to the nearby keg and grab the drink that he requires, then talk to him to give it to him. After providing him with five drinks successfully, he recognises you as Evil Dave and accidentally reveals the location of the secret meeting, Kalphite Hive. You will teleport home just before Doris gets back.

Note: Sir Amik Varze goes through dialogue quickly. If you are having trouble try using your number keys and spacebar. The drinks are

  1. Dwarven stout
  2. Wizard's mind bomb
  3. Moonlight mead
  4. Bandit's brew
  5. Saradomin brewlee.

Click on the keg, [press appropriate number key], click on Amik, and spacebar through his dialogue. Repeat. (Alternatively, instead of using spacebar, mouse click quickly through dialogue). Although you can only grab one drink from the keg at a time, you can have more in your inventory by dropping them one by one on the ground and picking them all up. If you are tossed out, any drinks on the ground will disappear but any in your inventory will be kept.

Triple grounded[edit | edit source]

Talk to Doris when she arrives home, who notices that you are covered in mud. After discovering that you went outside again, she will triple ground you and order you to complete the chores again. Complete all of the chores - sweeping the rug, washing the dishes, chopping the vegetables, and cleaning Dave's bed in the basement. You nap again, and witness another cutscene.

Shantay chathead.png

The cutscene begins with Evil Dave talking to Shantay to try and gain passage through the Shantay Pass. Shantay allows Dave through, and he continues on his way towards the secret meeting in the desert. You are awoken by Doris who tells you she is going out again. Before you can do anything, Kevin exclaims that Margaret has come over with her "kids" again.

Talk to Margaret, who is a hell rat, in Dave's basement. She wants you to take three of her children out with you, so click on any three other hell rats to recruit them to your squad. Head back upstairs, and you will find you've arrived at Shantay Pass. Talk to Shantay, who will confiscate your cleaning products, but he will not allow you to take your hell rats into the desert, meaning you will have to find another way to pass.

Smuggling hell rats[edit | edit source]

Go to the north-west and shake the coconut tree to receive a coconut. Pick it up, and then attempt to open the nearby jail door to speak to a shady stranger. He wants you to quench his thirst before he will leave the jail cell. Speak to Shantay to crack the coconut open, and then click on the coconut shell to add a hell rat to it. Climb up the rope to the north-east of the area, and then click the shell-rat to throw it over the pass. Your first hell rat has been smuggled.

Head back to the jail cell and speak to the stranger again, who you will give the coconut drink to. Once you're inside the cell, talk to the shady man who gives you a jewel. Search the barrel to the south of the jail cell to receive a barrel, then add a rat to it. Take the old rug from Dave's bank using the "Shantay Chest", and use it on the barrel to receive a carpet barrel. Roll it through the pass to smuggle the second hell rat.

Finally, speak to the nearby border guards. They will give you a rope in return for the jewel that you have. Use the rope on the nearby coconut tree to pull it down and launch your last hell rat through the pass. Go south and talk to Shantay again, who will allow you to pass through into the desert.

Breaking into the meeting[edit | edit source]

You will arrive at a location between the River Elid and the Kalphite Hive, with multiple holes that you can reach into. One of the holes is sparkling. Reach into it and you will send a hell rat down to scout around. It will inform you that it can hear voices talking about a ceramic vase, which it has got confused with Sir Amik Varze. Your perspective now shifts to the hell rat, who you must now control to find the correct hole through the cave.

If you enter the wrong hole, your progress gets reset. Look around for a hole that is shining, indicated by particles above it, and then enter it (the correct hole is also the only one with a quest icon next to it). You will have to do this four times to reach some white knights standing at a mysterious entrance. Attempt to enter the entrance and you will be able to spy on the meeting.

Sir Amik Varze and Saradomin are preparing an offensive against Zamorak, who is alone in his chamber. They plan to use the resource dungeons to make their way to Daemonheim and confront him. After the cutscene ends, enter the mysterious entrance to find Evil Dave. You explain to Dave that he is making a mistake, but are then interrupted by Saradomin detecting you in the room. Still taking the form of you, Dave recites a spell which summons Zamorak to the dungeon. A black knight unties you, leaving you free to grab Dave.

Run to the south-east and grab Dave from underneath the empty cooking range, who you persuade to come with you. You both teleport away from the dungeon before a battle starts, arriving near Goblin Village. Doris is nearby and catches you both, taking you back to Dave's house.

Back to normal... ish[edit | edit source]

Back in Dave's basement, clean the bed again and you will explain to the hell rats how you have been body-swapped with Dave. Explaining that you need to perform the ritual to swap yourselves back, the hell rat says that it could help you do it as hell rats are evil.

Walk around the room and collect five hell rats to help perform the ritual. After you're done, collect another one to begin the ritual. Doris will arrive in the basement and be caught in the middle of the body swap. Dave arrives, and all three of you swap with each other. Now that you are back in your own body, speak to Doris, who is now Evil Dave. After some conversation, you will complete the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Evil Dave's Big Day Out reward.png
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Evil Dave's Big Day Out is not currently required for any quests or miniquests.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Credits[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 18 November 2019 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue allowing hidey-holes to be used during Evil Dave's Big Day Out.
  • patch 1 April 2019 (Update):
    • The stairs in the basement of Evil Dave's Big Day Out are now properly handled at certain quest states where previously they wouldn't function as expected.
  • update 26 November 2018 (Update):
    • Updated reward text after completing Evil Dave's Big Day Out - 'Eating spicy stews now have a better chance of giving you positive stat boosts and will always boost the stat by 2 when a positive boost is given.'
  • patch 28 August 2018 (Update):
    • Evil Dave Quest rewards XP is now given out in the form of lamps.
    • Fixed numerous typos in the Evil Dave's Big Day Out quest.
  • patch 23 April 2018 (Update):
    • Added some more post-quest rewards for completing Evil Dave's Big Day Out.
      • You can now catch Hell-rats with your barehands to get spices for spicy stew
      • When eating a spicy stew, you are more likely to get a positive stat boost and when you do, the boost will be between +2 and +5.
      • Examine on the spices caught from Hell-rats have been updated to tell you what sort of stat boosts you can make with them
      • You can reclaim Dave's spellbook and use it to "chip" certain teletabs using Evil Dave's unique "insight" in to teleportation
  • patch 8 January 2018 (Update):
    • Evil Dave's Big Day Out is now listed as a 6th Age quest.
    • References to 'elite white knights' and the 'white knight's fortress' in Evil Dave's Big Day Out have been corrected to 'Temple Knights' and the 'White Knights' Castle'.
    • The requirements for Evil Dave's Big Day Out in the achievement system now matches those in the quest system.
  • patch 4 December 2017 (Update):
    • Leaving the Grand Exchange during Evil Dave's Big Day Out will no longer try to continue the Defender of Varrock quest.
    • Players can no longer start Evil Dave's Big Day Out without completing the Evil Dave section of Recipe for Disaster.
    • An issue with reclaiming the broom during the third set of chores in Evil Dave's Big Day Out has been fixed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon completion of the quest, the RuneMetric's event log states "I somehow switched bodies with Evil Dave and survived enough chores and shouting from Doris to find a way to swap back!"
  • While they can't be performed, each chore menu provides additional options. For example, when cleaning the dishes in the sink, you have the option to "Play around in the bubbles." None of them are possible however, since you won't have the materials; to play in the bubbles for example, you need one Dishwashing soap and one Childlike innocence.
  • Using the Jewel obtained from shady man on Shantay will result on a humorous conversation that the player and Shantay reply each other with "Gem", like talking with Redbeard Frank.
  • Attempting to plant the crystal acorn obtained from Dave's bank will result in a message of "Nice Try." in the chat box.
  • Trying to use the Premier Club Vault portal at the Grand Exchange as Dave results in the message "Dave does not have access as he hasn't purchased Gold Premier Club." in the dialogue window.
  • When searching for Dave's spell book, one of the titles on the shelves reads "Seren God Book". This is a humorous nod to the fact that there is currently no Seren God Book in the game despite Zaros having one.
  • When Evil Dave is attempting to become an elite white knight, he encounters and gets controlled by sea slugs, despite being canonically destroyed in the previous age.
  • When attempting to teleport to the Makeover Mage for the first time, the character will say "Tropelet, dnarg egnahcxe!", which is "Teleport, Grand Exchange!" spelt backwards. They would later chant out the correct spell: "Tropelet, revoekam egam!", which is "Teleport, Makeover Mage!" spelt backwards.

Cultural references[edit | edit source]

  • The name of the quest may be a reference to Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
  • During the quest, players can find an old broken watch with text scratched into the back reading 'And now my watch is ended'. This is a reference to fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, its TV adaption Game of Thrones, and one of the former development teams for RuneScape nicknamed 'The Watch'.[1]
  • The two Grand Exchange clerks are called Clark and Kent, which is a reference to Clark Kent, a fictional DC Comics character who is the secret identity of Superman. Kara is a reference to Kara Zor-El, the Kryptonian name of Supergirl.[2] Chris is likely a reference to Christopher Reeve, an actor who is famous for playing Superman.
  • The items Doris orders at the Grand Exchange are a reference to the Four Candles sketch by The Two Ronnies.
  • The emergency pocket sand found in Dave's bank is a reference to a scene in the American animated sitcom King of the Hill.
  • Several lines spoken by Shantay are references. "None shall pass" is a reference to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. "Shantay sashay" is a reference to RuPaul. "You shall not pass" is a reference to The Lord of The Rings.
  • Dave's ritual is likely a reference to the Doom Song as performed by Gir in the Invader Zim animated TV series.
  • When talking to the border guard in Shantay Pass, he goes over various items he has including some jelly babies. This is a reference to the British sci-fi show Doctor Who.
  • When Dave gets grounded and Doris counts to three, one of the dialogue options is "My life got flipped, turned upside down", which is a reference to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.
  • When Dave in the player's body confronts Saradomin, the last word of his spell is smudged and ends up with "CARLOS UBER CRYSANTHEMUM PERCY JACKSON!" a reference to Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
  • After giving the flask of stew-water to one of the Grand Exchange clerks, if the clerk is spoken to again, he says he will share the drink with the other "guards", before correcting himself with "clerks". This references Pokémon Red and Blue, where the player has to give a drink to one of four border guards before entering Saffron City.
  • Dave's bookshelf contains titles that parody various books:

References[edit | edit source]

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