Chaos dwarves

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For the attackable NPC, see Chaos dwarf.

The Chaos dwarves are an ancient and dark race of Dwarves that have lived since the Third-age. Unlike normal dwarves who are followers of Guthix, they are servants of Zamorak and have charred bodies and hearts of chaos. When they die their bodies turn to Ashes, and what is left is the armour and skeleton. During the Rise of the Red Axe saga, it is revealed that the poor dwarves from Keldagrim are being abducted, brainwashed, and modified into becoming chaos dwarves for the renegade Red Axe faction that is attempting to conquer Keldagrim. Four types of creatures are currently known to be made, plus two additional bosses:

The chaos dwarf fighters can be found in many places, while the chaos dwarf hand cannoneers have so far only be seen on the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield.

In addition to the chaos dwarves, Chaos dwogres also exist. These are a mix of dwarf and ogre and have magical ability through their ogre side. They fight with the chaos dwarves but are not treated as chaos dwarves themselves. For example, a player attacking any of the chaos dwarves on the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield causes all the chaos dwarves to become aggressive against the player, but a player attacking chaos dwogres is ignored. (In addition, Jagex's Knowledge Base article on the battle clearly makes a distinction between 'chaos dwarves', the fighters and cannoneers, and the chaos dwogres.

While normal dwarves are incapable of using magic, chaos and Imcando dwarves can (according to the Azdaran document). Apart from the dwogres, the only chaos dwarf in game who uses magic is Chaos Hreidmar.