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The Wand of Resurrection is a wand featured in The Death of Chivalry quest. It was the horn of Elora the LifegiverFern's sister. It has the power to return the dead to life, and it is the powerful weapon that Saradomin sends the player to find during the quest. It has three wards that must be taken down before it can be accessed:

  • The first ward requires the player to kill Fern, the guardian of the wand.
  • The second ward requires the player to complete a matching puzzle.
  • The final ward requires the player (or Sir Owen) to sacrifice blood.
A player attempting to use the wand to revive Sir Owen.

After the final enchantment is removed, Dawn teleports in and steals the wand. She uses it to kill Sir Owen before reanimating both him and the black knights. She later uses it in combat with the player, and after she is defeated the player can loot the wand. Saradomin takes the wand from the player, willingly or not, to bring Sir Owen back to life. He says he plans to use it to return the centaurs from the brink of extinction, and either keeps it for himself or gives it to Sir Owen, after which the player does not see it again.

Owen later reveals to the World Guardian that the wand crumbled to dust following their return from the centaur "burial grounds", and that a jolt of energy went up his corrupted arm when it occurred.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gods are unable to be brought back to life by the Wand, or by any other method, as they "give up the right to an afterlife" when they ascend.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Thaerisk Cemphier, "Book of the Underworld", RuneScape. "For some reason Death was reluctant to discuss what happens when a god dies. He did, however, detail that a god gives up the right to an afterlife when they ascend. Instead their energy is transferred back into the world upon death."