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A Temple Knight in the God Wars

The Temple Knights, also known as the Knights of the Temple,[1] are a traditionally Saradominist military organisation. Since the Third Age, they have served Asgarnia under Saradomin's banner, acting as sleeper agents, although a few of their members are genuinely loyal to Saradomin. They are led by the elusive Sir Vey Lance, and engage in covert missions to counter threats both within and without Asgarnia.

In order to join the Temple Knights, an applicant must be a member of the White Knights and be specially contacted by a Temple Knight. Sir Tiffy Cashien is the current head of recruitment.

During Azzanadra's Quest, it is revealed that Sir Vey Lance is really the Zarosian demon Veilinius, who has been secretly using the Temple Knights to promote a Zarosian agenda all along. Under the effects of the Frostenhorn, most Temple Knights now follow the will of Zaros.

History[edit | edit source]

Second Age[edit | edit source]

The Ordo Templi Zaros was founded by Zaros in the early Second Age. They were an organisation reserved for special or secret missions, unknown to many of the other gods. It is believed that they worked closely with the praetorians.

Third Age[edit | edit source]

During the God Wars, the Zarosian Ordo fought to stop Saradomin as he began converting Zarosian citizens. After a number of operations, their Grand Master sought to confront Saradomin in single combat. The confrontation ended with Grand Master Veilinius, a Chthonian in disguise, converting to Saradominism, and reforming most of the old Order with him. However, this was secretly a ploy by Duke Sucellus to steal the Crown Archival from Saradomin. The joining of the order was a great boon to the Saradominists in the early parts of the God Wars, going so far as to imprison Nex in her palace in order to prove their loyalty. The Order were permitted to keep most of their name and traditions. This new order was to be called the Ordo Templi Saradominis, later called the Temple Knights, as according to Elyssa van Lendes, a Senior Mystical Researcher in the service of the Order, they were initially charged to become the guardians of Saradomin's first temple on Gielinor.

Fourth Age[edit | edit source]

Little is known of the Temple Knight's operations during this time, however they secretly lead reconstruction efforts of the human kingdoms[2], and began implementation of the White Knight order into what would later become Falador.

Fifth Age[edit | edit source]

In the following years, the new Order were known for many deeds, including their ongoing battle against the sea slugs and the imprisonment of their Queen, Mother Mallum.

Sixth Age[edit | edit source]

It is later revealed that the Temple Knights are still devoted followers of Zaros, having maintained their guise for thousands of years. Sir Vey Lance, the current head of the organization, revealed his identity as the demon Veilinius. The Temple Knights attended a gathering in the courtyard, where they revealed their allegiance to, and they left alongside Zaros, after he had taken the Locator from Saradomin. A few Temple Knights, such as Owen and Sir Tiffy, remain loyal to Saradomin.

The Temple Knights were part of the forces sent by Zaros to seize the Codex during the Battle of the Monolith.[3]

True cause[edit | edit source]

Throughout history as well as the player's personal meetings with the Temple Knight order, it is strongly implied that the Temple Knights are not as honourable, trustworthy and good-intended as they are expected to be. Whilst claiming to champion the cause of Saradomin, that does not mean that they won't be relentless in their pursuit for their definition of order and peace, and as a result, associating with or working for the Temple Knights might not always turn out to be beneficial for the individual. Ancient creatures such as Juna the Guardian of Guthix, and Lucien the Mahjarrat are skeptical of the Temple Knights intentions, not being as honourable as they would seem.

With Azzanadra's Quest the true cause of the Temple Knights is revealed, as their leader Sir Vey Lance (the alias of the Chthonian Veilinius) admits that he is in truth a Zarosian working under the banner of Saradomin, and he has used the Temple Knights to promote a Zarosian agenda throughout history without their knowledge. With Zaros' successful attempt in claiming the Crown of Saradomin at the White Knights' Castle, this is revealed to the public. As the Frostenhorn blows, most of the Temple Knights convert to Zaros' cause under the effects of his loyalty aura. Some remaining Saradominist Temple Knights leave the order immediately to declare their continued loyalty to Saradomin.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Currently there are two known ranks to which a player may rise within the Temple Knight order: Initiate and Proselyte. Initiates are White Knights newly inducted into the Temple Knight order and have access to Initiate armour while proselytes are a rank above initiate and have access to both Initiate and Proselyte armour. The head of the Order may be referred to as the Grand Master, though players may not achieve this rank.

It is currently not known if Temple Knights, like White Knights, also include Partisan and Acolyte ranks. Sir Gerry the dying Knight in the Frozen North, and the other Knights of Saradomin within the Temple of Lost Ancients are Temple Knights. However, Sir Gerry wears a unique set of armour which cannot be obtained and the Knights within the dungeon wear unique capes and swords.

Lady Eva Cashien and Sir Owen's armour also hint at higher levels of Temple Knight equipment.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The Temple Knights' archers

There are currently eleven Temple Knight related quests:

At the end of the Slug Menace quest Sir Tiffy Cashien mentions a Temple Knight HQ which is visited in "Quiet Before the Swarm", and that he can only sell armour up to Proselyte which hints at another Temple Knight quest. In "Wanted!", a squad of 15 Temple Knight Archers appear to capture Solus Dellagar, but are defeated, by a single Ice Barrage. There is also a related quest which follows on partially from The Slug Menace named Kennith's Concerns. It is not directly related to the Temple Knights but extends the background. The Temple Knights are apparently favoured by Saradomin, and some are protected by the Gaze of Saradomin. When they die, Saradomin catches them while they fall and they appear at the White Knights' Castle. Being followers of Saradomin, the god of order, during "While Guthix Sleeps" they formed loose alliances with two other organisations to combat the Mahjarrat, particularly Lucien. These are the Crux Eqal, an underground organisation of Druids, who are dedicated to the following of Guthix, the god of Balance, and the Guardians of Armadyl, devout followers of Armadyl, god of Justice/Law.

The Temple Knights have recently developed stronger ties with the Void Knights to combat the Pests who were smuggled to the mainland of Gielinor, and the person who lead them. In the Sixth Age, the Temple Knights joined forces with the Void Knights, lending some of their members to a new order called the Abyssal Knights dedicated to combating the threat of the Shattered Worlds.

There are currently no known Temple Knight weapons.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Temple Knights keep records and dossiers on almost every creature and person in Gielinor within their library, even Harold Death Esquire.
  • Most Temple and White Knights have names based on real world words (i.e. Sir Renitee, serenity) with the exception of Akrisae.
  • The Temple Knights seem to be based on the real-world Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, commonly known as the Knights Templar, a catholic military order founded in the 12th century to defend pilgrims and dissolved in the 14th century.
  • In the Fifth Age sixties, a dragon crash landed on the Temple Knight HQ, destroying some of their records in the process, according to Savant.

References[edit | edit source]

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