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This article is about the dig site. For the music track, see The Infernal Source.

The Infernal Source Dig Site is a dig site just west of the Jolly Boar Inn (outside the northern gates of Varrock) that players can first access at level 20 Archaeology, upon receiving an invitation from Movario - a Zamorakian scholar.

Throughout the various excavation sites the player learns of the Order of Dis, a secretive Zamorakian demon cult that operated at the turn of and throughout the Third Age, and is eventually led to the discovery of the Source - the location where demons were once summoned to Gielinor. Excavation at the Infernal Source also provides materials for Ancient Summoning, which enables players to summon demons of their own.

Dig site info[edit | edit source]

Getting there[edit | edit source]

There are a variety of ways to travel to the entrance of the Infernal Source dig site.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The player may speak to Movario for an introductory cutscene of Guildmaster Tony's observations. The surface also provides access to a bank chest and material storage container as well as an archaeologist's workbench. Upon descent, the Infernal Source dig site consists of three areas:

  1. The Star Lodge cellar
  2. The Dungeon of Disorder
  3. The Source

Star Lodge cellar[edit | edit source]

Main article: Star Lodge cellar

The Star Lodge was a former inn and front for the ancient Zamorakian demon cult, the Order of Dis, at the turn of and during the Third Age. The ruins of its cellar are first accessible to the player with level 20 Archaeology and is the first of several excavation sites that ultimately lead to the Source.

The Star Lodge cellar's restored fireplace and art storage excavation sites.

The Star Lodge's cellar contains two cadmium red material cache and two excavation hotspots (lodge bar storage and lodge art storage), requiring level 20 and 24 Archaeology, respectively. These sites yield various materials and damaged artefacts used in the Archaeology skill, including opulent wine goblets, hookah pipes, paintings, and crests of Dagon. There are also six chests containing various items, including crests of Dagon, one damaged, and another intact - as well as some of the materials needed to repair them.

The Star Lodge cellar features one mystery, the Eyes in Their Stars, wherein the player learns the true history of the lodge and gains access to the Dungeon of Disorder underneath. The player may begin this mystery by interacting with the gutted fireplace at the northern end of the cellar.

The Star Lodge also features an opportunity for special research, Starry Eyed. The player may enable this particular research assignment by studying the Star Lodge sign in the north-western corner of the cellar.

Dungeon of Disorder[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dungeon of Disorder
The altar where victims kidnapped by the Order of Dis were sacrificed.

The Dungeon of Disorder (also known as the Dis dungeon) was the base of operations for the Order of Dis. The dungeon's ruins lie under the Star Lodge cellar, and are accessible to the player with level 24 Archaeology, after completion of the mystery, Eyes in Their Stars. The Dungeon of Disorder ultimately leads to the Source.

The Dungeon of Disorder features four primary areas for investigation: the sacrificial altar, the dungeon, the cultist footlocker, and the ritual circle.

The sacrificial altar[edit | edit source]

The first area features a sacrificial altar where uncooperative kidnap victims were sacrificed. The altar offers a hand of glory and three sacrificial altar hotspots that may be excavated with level 36 Archaeology to obtain various materials and artefacts, including ritual daggers, and Order of Dis robes. The altar also has a materials cart to store excavated materials. The player may also gain access to the special research, The Dark Underbelly, by studying the sacrificial altar.

Dungeon / torture chamber[edit | edit source]

The dungeon, or torture chamber, where kidnap victims were kept, features three Dis dungeon debris hotspots, which may be excavated with level 45 Archaeology to obtain additional materials and artefacts, such as branding irons and manacles.

Cultist footlocker[edit | edit source]

The cultists' living quarters contain six cultist footlocker hotspots, which may be excavated with level 29 Archaeology to obtain artefacts that include imp masks, lesser demon masks, and greater demon masks. In addition to the hotspots, the living quarters also contain two Eye of Dagon material caches and the tunnel just outside features a materials cart to store excavated materials.

Ritual circle[edit | edit source]

The ritual circle is the last area and is found at the end of the tunnels in the Dungeon of Disorder, marking where the Order of Dis once met to open the portal to the Source. The ritual circle does not feature any excavation hotspots, but two hellfire metal material caches. The ritual circle is also the central focus of the mystery, Embrace the Chaos, where the player restores the ritual circle and reopens the portal to the Source. The player may solve this mystery by first collecting all four of the cultist's diary pages, which reveals the incantation required to open the portal.

The Source[edit | edit source]

The Infernal Source, with Dagon the gatekeeper visible at the bottom.
Players must navigate through the portals within the Infernal Source. However the portals are not 100% reliable unless players add a restored Chaos star to their toolbelt.

The Source lies directly underneath the Wilderness Volcano, although the location itself is safe.

To access The Source the Embrace the Chaos mystery must be completed.

There are four levels in the Source, scattered in a ring layout. Players can traverse around a ring by utilising chaos portals (white), which take them in line, but can misfire. There are also portals leading to several gargoyles scattered across the three levels, required for the Contract Claws mystery.

Dagon portals (red) can be used to move up or down a level.

There are many Archaeology excavation hotspots and materials caches. The lower levels contain higher-levelled Archaeology excavation hotspots.

The portals, with the exception of the Dagon portal leading to the bottom level, have a chance to misfire. The chance can be lowered by freeing the imp Mephisto, with a 1/100 rate of failure when he is freed a seventh time completing the Die! Die! Die! achievement. Adding a restored chaos star artefact to your toolbelt will prevent the portal from misfiring 100% of the time. Misfired portals will take players to another portal at the same level, although not in the correct order. Mephisto is found while wandering around the rings, and also back in the previous portal chamber.

Red Dagon portals on the inner edge of the rings transport down a level, and on the outer edge transport up.

Vestibule of Futility[edit | edit source]

The outer ring which contains three excavation sites:

Chaos portals can be entered to traverse between the different sections of the ring, and Dagon portals to enter the next ring, The Harrowing. Using the portals is very unreliable before Mephisto has been freed.

There is a materials cart in the south, and some archaeologists may also be found in the area.

The portal chamber in the middle can be used to return to Dungeon of Disorder or studied to start the Abandon All Hope research.

The Harrowing[edit | edit source]

The middle ring, The Harrowing, contains three excavation sites:

There is a materials cart in the eastern section of the ring, and archaeologists may be found in the area.

The hellhound marker in the south-west acts as the starting point of the Deeper and Down research.

The white chaos portals can be entered to traverse between the different sections of the ring, while the red Dagon portals can be entered to move up to Vestibule of Futility, or down to Dagon Overlook. Using the portals is very unreliable before Mephisto has been freed.

Dagon Overlook[edit | edit source]

The inner ring, Dagon Overlook, contains two excavation sites:

The white chaos portals can be entered to traverse between the different sections of the ring, while the red Dagon portal can be entered to move up to The Harrowing. Using the portals is very unreliable before Mephisto has been freed.

A trapped demon can be studied in the eastern part to start Who Dis? research.

Hydra portal[edit | edit source]

The bottom level cannot be accessed until the player obtains a chaos star, which can be obtained by completing the Who Dis? research or alternatively by excavating Shakroth remains which both require level 68 Archaeology. This level contains the demon Dagon the Gatekeeper as well as the petrified remains of the hydra god Loarnab.

Talking to Dagon the Gatekeeper starts the Dagon Bye mystery, and studying the hydra gate in the centre of the area unlocks the Hell Mouths research contract.

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There are 15 achievements in this group.

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Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 8 June 2020 (Update):
    • Items will no longer float when dropped on top of portals in the Infernal Source.
  • patch 18 May 2020 (Update):
    • Some quick-travel options have been added to the entrances of the Infernal Source and Everlight dig sites.
  • patch 4 May 2020 (Update):
    • Fixed minor clipping issues in the Infernal Source.
    • Fixed an issue where certain islands in the Infernal Source were being removed if you had the Remove Roofs setting set to selective.
    • Flowing lava in the Infernal Source will no longer disappear when you stand close to it.
    • Fixed an issue at the Infernal Source where a lava faucet was not being removed when the camera was moved inside it.
    • Fixed some instances of material caches clipping into the floor at Kharid-et and the Infernal Source.
  • patch 27 April 2020 (Update):
    • A landmass inside Infernal Source has been adjusted to only disappear when the camera is moved into it.
    • Some clipping with excavation spots has been fixed in the Star Lodge cellar.
  • hotfix 6 April 2020 (Update):
    • Chests in the Infernal Source cellar can no longer be looted with a full inventory.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Infernal Source presents numerous references to Dante's Inferno.
  • The player L33 was the first player to find all studies and send out all the special researches at the Infernal Source, prompting the following global broadcast: Game announcement.png News: L33 is the first to master the Infernal Source Dig Site by fully exploring the site's history!
  • While the site is members only, the Archaeologist's workbench, Material storage container, and Bank chest are usable by free players. It provides a close bank to the sawmill and Earth altar.