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Not to be confused with Ivan.
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Lord Iban (pronounced /ɪbɑ:n/ Ih-BAHN) was a former Kinshra knight and self-proclaimed son of Zamorak. He was killed in battle, but resurrected by a witch named Kardia, from which point onward he ruled over the Underground Pass until finally slain once again by the player.

History[edit | edit source]

Service to the Kinshra[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Iban's early life, apart from being a well-educated noble and enjoying the finer things in life. At some point, he joined the Kinshra, a Zamorakian knight order operating in Asgarnia, and trained under Daquarius Rennard, the Lord of the Kinshra at the time. As a very skilled swordsman, he was one of their most valuable knights, and was said to have personally slain hundreds of White Knights.

Iban was very ambitious. A book called The Tale of Iban describes him as follows:

This hunger for more went far past the realm of mere mortals, into the shadowy places of darkness and evil. Iban's ambition was almost godlike in its insatiability, but therein lay the essence of his darkness: as its most base Iban's fundamental desire was to control the hearts and minds of his fellow men, to take them beyond the pale of mere allegiance, and corrupt them into a force of evil. A whole legion of these Soul-less beings, their minds demented from the sheer power of darkness that channeled[sic] through them... Zombies, void of emotions, without feelings or cares, servants to their wicked master even unto death...

His ambition, however, did not come to serve him in his last battle. At some point, the White Knights realised the threat he posed and launched an attack, intending to capture Iban alive. These forces, led by Sir Amik Varze, demanded that he surrender. Iban refused to yield and the over-confident Sir Amik proceeded to order a charge, beginning a battle that would become known as the Dawn Ascent. Here, he was killed by Sir Owen Sonde. While the battle raged, Sir Owen, ignoring his commanding officer and the White Knights' code of chivalry, absconded from the battlefield and sought a vantage point on top of a hill. There, Sir Owen took out his bow, aimed for Iban and fired an arrow, piercing the dark knight's skull and killing him on impact.[1]

Ruler of the Underground Pass[edit | edit source]

I am the great Iban, I cannot die.
Iban's elaborate tombstone.

Soon afterwards, Kardia, an evil witch, found his corpse and decided to resurrect him with a ritual, so that he could fulfil his wish of leading an army of undead. First, she took some of Iban's flesh from his body and smeared it out on a doll bearing his likeness. She needed Iban's blood next, but it had long seeped away from his body, so Kardia travelled to the Underground Pass - a huge and dangerous system of caverns going underneath the Galarpos Mountains and connecting the forest of Isafdar to West Ardougne. There, she found a colony of gigantic yellow spiders led by Kalrag that were known to devour humans. She killed one and used its blood for Iban's doll.

For the essence of life itself, Kardia performed the ancient dark ritual of Incantia, which nearly killed her. She recovered, however, and found three demons, Holthion, Doomion and Othainian, focusing their energy on the doll and she realised she had bound them to him forever as the guardians of Iban's shadow. For the final part, she needed to provide Iban with a conscience to prevent him from becoming a mindless zombie. In her own words: Locked inside an old wooden cage sat a beautiful white dove. A symbol of peace, freedom, and hope, but also the oblivious to the darkness of the world, like a newborn child. Taking the dove with me, I cradled the thing in my arms, stroking its soft downy feathers. I looked into the eyes of the bird, and gently placing a kiss upon its fragile head, I then strangled the bird, taking its life between my callous fingers. Truly this bird would be the conscience of Iban: innocence corrupted by evil... Thus, Iban was resurrected in the Year 168 of the Fifth Age and he took up residence in his own temple in the Underground Pass, with the ritual being the only thing that could banish him.

The temple Iban erected for himself, adorned with statues of dark beasts.

Iban proclaimed himself to be the son of Zamorak and turned the pass into a realm of terror. He soon gained fame as a "crazy lunatic", according to King Lathas, who had made the pass impossible to cross. Further, the Well of Voyage, which would normally teleport one to Isafdar, had been corrupted by him to become the Well of the Damned, a direct gateway to the realm where Zamorak had been banished to after the Gielinorian God Wars. According to Gwir, the elven scribe, Iban was known to even the elves, who dare not enter the Underground Pass, following the losses they have suffered there in times of old.

At some point, he gained some followers who worshipped Iban as his disciples in a cult-like manner. At this time, there was a belief that Iban slowly took over the minds of anyone who entered the pass, whispering to them with eerie voices. These voices would come to corrupt all who came; a notable example being the famous adventurer Randas. However, in actuality, the Dark Lord, a part of Seren who was trapped in the nearby Temple of Light, was the entity corrupting these people by imparting her fascination with death to them.[2] Iban would then lock these people into cages until their minds would completely succumb to his rule. Then, they would join his army of soulless, with no trace of any humanity. Additionally, there are many 'blessed' spiders, such as the one Kardia had killed, in the pass that are described as Iban's pets.

Iban's Demise[edit | edit source]

An imposter dares desecrate this sacred place! ... Home to the only true child of Zamorak. Join the damned, mortal!
The following takes place during Underground Pass.
Iban sat on his throne.

A year after Iban's reign of horror began, the king of East Ardougne, Lathas Ardignas, who was collaborating with the malevolent Iorwerth Clan of elves and their Prifddinas Death Guard to return the Dark Lord to the world in return for Lord Iorwerth's aid in the downfall of Lathas' arch nemesis King Arthur of Camelot, recruited an adventurer to travel through the Underground Pass. This adventurer, oblivious to King Lathas' dark plans, was to accompany the guide Koftik, cleanse the pass by defeating Iban and thus pave the way to Tirannwn, where Lathas' brother King Tyras had been ever since the corruption of the pass prevented his return from a previous campaign.

Iban attempts to vanquish the intruder.

The adventurer and Koftik entered the pass and Koftik was overwhelmed by the Dark Lord's influence. Nevertheless, they progressed further and, after hours of travelling, reached the Temple of Iban, which was separated from the cave walls by narrow ledges over a deep chasm. While Koftik had stayed behind, the adventurer entered the hut of Kardia and stole her diary, wherein they found out how to defeat Iban, as well as the doll. As such, they defeated Kalrag the giant spider for Iban's blood, searched the cages of Iban's prisoners for the dove's corpse, cremated the body inside Iban's coffin and retrieved the ashes and, finally, obtained Iban's shadow from the demon guardians.

They enchanted the doll with it and confronted Iban himself, who, having seemingly given up the way of the warrior, fired various magical spells at them. Nevertheless, they managed to cast the doll of Iban into the Well of the Damned, causing his soul to be destroyed utterly, thus ending his life permanently and causing the temple to collapse.

Later, King Lathas had his mages restore the well back to what it was and the haunting voices disappeared from the pass. Still, the army of soulless walk around aimlessly and Iban's cult continue to patrol near his temple.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

Iban’s name is possibly an alternate spelling of “Ibn” in Arabic, meaning “son”, a reference to his proclamation as the son of Zamorak.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Sir Owen, "The Death of Chivalry", RuneScape. "I was part of the Dawn Ascent operation, and it was by my hand that the Black Knight Iban fell... While my companions fell to Iban's blade, I withdrew from the battle. Ignoring my commanding officer, I slipped into the shadows, and found a vantage point high above the melee. I readied my bow, took aim, and put an arrow through the back of Iban's skull."
  2. ^ Dark Lord, "Plague's End", RuneScape. "I found solace beneath the mountains, in the Death Altar - and then I was trapped by the Temple of Light. I wanted to reach out to my followers, to see them live and die, to be part of the tools and weapons that they sang. I spoke to the minds of those who walked the Underground Pass. I shared my fascination with death with them. I asked them only to provide new, more interesting deaths for me to observe."