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A typical White Knight.

The White Knights of Falador are a monastic Saradominist paramilitary group, with strong ties to the Temple Knights of Saradomin. They can be found at the White Knights' Castle in Falador and at a small outpost in Rimmington.

History[edit | edit source]

The origins of the White Knights appear to date back to some time in the Third Age. During Azzanadra's Quest Saradomin describes the White Knights as having been founded by the Temple Knights during his absence. The Temple Knights originated from Saradomin's conversion of Grand Master Veilinious during the God Wars. Grand Master Veilinious then founded the Temple Knights.[1]

The White Knights have been involved in many significant historical events spanning several thousand years, including the Morytania campaign, the Sea Slug conflicts, the war against the Dark Wizards, and the War of Unification. During the Fifth Age the Kinshra, also known as the Black Knights, briefly formed an alliance with the Zamorakian mage Solus Dellagar and attacked the Misthalanian settlement which is now known as Edgeville, during a conflict referred to as the Edgeville incident. Dellagar was apprehended by the White Knights and exiled, though around 800 White Knights were killed during the conflict.[2][3]

When King Vallance, the King of Asgarnia towards the end of the Fifth Age, grew ill in his old age the White Knight's power and influence in Asgarnia increased. The White Knights declared that the Kinshra were no longer to have political power within the region. This sulted in the Battle of North Falador between the White and Black Knights, which ended when both sides eventually withdrew.[4] The king's heir Prince Anlaf remained in control of Burthorpe and the Burthorpe Imperial Guard and did not take part in the conflict.[5] Shortly after the Battle of North Falador the leader of the Black Knights, Lord Milton, was assassinated and replaced by Lord Sulla.[6] This event is depicted in the novel Betrayal at Falador which also describes the subsequent War of 164 which was initiated with the Battle of the Monastery and concluded with the Siege of Falador, where the White Knights expelled the Black Knights from the city and both sides sustaining heavy casualties.

The novel Legacy of Blood depicts the Second Battle of the Salve where the White Knights, along with the Kinshra, Wizards' Tower emissaries, and the Varrock Guard, aided in the defence of Misthalin against Zamorakian forces led by Tenebra Remanis. Some time later the White Knights launched an operation known as the Dawn Ascent with the aim of capturing Lord Iban, a skilled Kinshra swordsman. After Iban had killed many white knights and had refused to surrender, Sir Owen killed Iban by shooting him in the head with an arrow from a vantage point above the melee fight.[7][8]

Recent activities[edit | edit source]

Throughout the events of the game, the White Knights can be observed in multiple circumstances.

  • In The Knight's Sword the player assists Squire Asrol in creating a replica sword for Sir Vyvin, with the help of the Imcando dwarf Thurgo.
  • In the Holy Grail the White Knights attempt to secure the Holy Grail for King Arthur, but are intercepted by a Black Knight Titan.
  • In Death Plateau Commander Denulth explains that the White Knights are considering cutting funding for the Imperial Guard in order to fund their own defence against the Kinshra.
  • In Recruitment Drive the player is inducted into the Temple Knights, meeting several White Knights along the way.
  • In Garden of Tranquillity the player takes the statue of Saradomin, sculpted by Copernicus Glyph, from Falador Square.
  • In Wanted! the player is deputised into the White Knights after Solus Dellagar returns to Asgarnia. They are sent on a mission to track him down and arrest him, validating their status as a Knight.
  • In The Slug Menace the player delves into the Temple of Zanash, constructed by the White Knights and Temple Knights following the Sea Slug Conflicts which was used to imprison Mother Mallum.
  • In King's Ransom the Kinshra aid the Sinclair children in seizing Camelot and capturing King Arthur, which they consider to be a direct victory over the White Knights.
  • The White Knights are involved in While Guthix Sleeps.
  • In A Void Dance the White Knights become aware of a covert attack by the Kinshra targeting the citizens of Falador. A warrant is issued for the arrest of Ali Tist, followed by an investigation.
  • In The Void Stares Back the White Knights attempt to retaliate before learning that the Kinshra have been double-crossed by Melville Grayzag. The Knights join the Knight Alliance of 169 to aid in his apprehension and help defeat the Pest Queen. Depending on the player's actions, Grayzag may be arrested by the White Knights and taken into custody.
  • In Salt in the Wound the player encounters several Risen Knights who had previously died during the Sea Slug Conflicts. Lady Eva Cashien takes great offence to this abuse of their remains, in line with her beliefs as a Saradominist.
  • The White Knights are involved in the Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
  • In Let Them Eat Pie Rolo the Stout takes advantage of the political differences between the Imperial Guard and the White Knights to turn a profit, at the expense of the refugees of the Burthorpe-Troll Country War.
  • In A Song from the Depths the White Knights set up a camp to defend Port Sarim and Rimmington from the Grotworm threat, under the command of Sir Rebrum. They suffer heavy casualties.
  • In What's Mine is Yours the player and Doric craft high quality weapons for the White Knights, his last remaining loyal customers. Doric's son Boric takes advantage of the Knights, attempting to topple his father's business.
  • The White Knights, led by Sir Vyvin, have been known to set out on airships in an effort to track down lawbreakers in the Heist minigame.
  • The White Knights were critical in the Battle of Hyu-Ji, wherein they defended the Sea Orphans from the Zamorakians and Purists at Tomlin the Missionary's request.
  • The White Knights were the main Saradominist combatants in the Battle of Lumbridge, fighting the forces of Zamorak and defending the town of Lumbridge under the command of the Icyene Padomenes. They were victorious.
  • In The Death of Chivalry, the player and Sir Owen are sent on a mission by Saradomin Himself to retrieve the Wand of Resurrection, which the Kinshra had planned to use in an attack against Asgarnia. The Kinshra had recently raided several White Knight outposts, intending to capture Saradominists alive. After recovering the wand, Sir Owen was forced to go into hiding and Saradomin planned to use the wand to restore the Centaur race.
  • In Hero's Welcome the Dragonkin capture and interrogate a White Knight intending to discover Saradomin's "weakness". What this might have been remains unknown.
  • The White Knights once again defended Asgarnia against the Kinshra's Invasion of Falador. They were victorious, and turned the Kinshra back before they could take the Banner of King Raddallin.
  • In Kindred Spirits Sliske captures several White Knights and forces them to fight against Dharok the Wretched in an arena as part of his torturous trial. He also resurrects Commander Jaycliff, who died in the Crusade of Hallowvale as part of Guthan the Infested's trial.
  • In Sliske's Endgame, Saradomin appears before His faithful in Falador Castle. The White Knights can be found training with Padomenes in their castle and later accompany Saradomin through Sliske's Labyrinth, fighting for him against Zamorak.
  • In Evil Dave's Big Day Out David Karloff intends to gatecrash a strike team of White Knights planning an Assault on Zamorak's Stronghold by stealing the player's body. The ensuing battle results in heavy casualties on all sides.
  • In Desperate Times Sir Amik Varze appears on the Council of Seren representing the White Knights. He is able to offer the services of the Knights in Seren's plan, though conflicts of interest prevent them from seeing it through. They can later be seen discussing a recruitment strategy with King Roald.
  • In the Archaeology skill players may donate artefacts recovered from the Everlight to the White Knights' reliquary, managed by Sir Atcha, in exchange for a lock of hair from Dharok the Wretched's betrothed and a hat called Petasos as well as the usual Chronotes and Tetracompass pieces.
  • In Azzanadra's Quest, the player and the Zarosian Mahjarrat Trindine attempt to make contact with Saradomin, to inquire about using His crown as a means of locating Gielinor's Elder Halls. Father Frith explains that Saradomin cannot be called upon without explicit orders from Sir Amik, directing the player to speak with Sir Owen. This begins a sequence of events similar to One Small Favour, illustrating how the Order's rigid bureaucracy can be counterproductive. At the quest's climax, Saradomin performs a ceremony called the Accord of the Optimatoi, honouring both the White Knights and Temple Knights for protecting Gielinor's people. The Zarosians interrupt the ceremony by sounding the Frostenhorn, amplifying the effects of Zaros's loyalty aura and compelling the Temple Knights to turn on their White Knight allies. After a brief battle, Zaros appears and secures the crown before teleporting most of the Temple Knights away with Him. The White Knights reaffirm their faith in Saradomin.
  • At the Battle for The Monolith the Elven armies of Tirannwn join the alliance of the White Knights and Crux Eqal. Together they fortify themselves in the ruins of Saranthium and prepare to defend The Monolith from falling into the hands of their entranced former brethren. They initially find success but ultimately fail, as Zaros suddenly appears, claims the artefact and promptly exits this reality for Erebus, abandoning Gielinor to the monstrosities now spilling through the Shadow Breach left open in His wake. The White Knights and their allies are forced into a temporary truce with their enemies in order to combat this new threat. The player recruits the TokHaar, who initially help but eventually turn upon the humans. After the battle a contingent of White Knights stays behind to defend against any further incursions from The Monolith as well as tending to a relief effort.
  • In City of Senntisten Saradomin states that his people have suffered and lost a great deal and that he does not wish them to bare the burden of greater agony. Despite this, a number of White Knights are known to have fought in the ensuing Elder god wars.
  • In Twilight of the gods the White Knights can be seen tending to the dead and dying after the end of the Elder god wars. An injured Knight, Sir Cadian, tells the player that several teams of White Knights have come under attack by demons and Gregorovic, and asks them to investigate. The player eventually questions several Knights at the nearby Jolly Boar Inn who suspect something nefarious may be going on within the ruins of the Star Lodge. The player eventually returns to Falador Castle to report their findings but is interrupted by two Knights warning of full-scale demonic invasions across Misthalin and Asgarnia. The Mahjarrat Bilrach then appears in a bright flash and formally proclaims Zamorak to be the ruler of the world. The White Knights immediately make ready to fight the demonic legions and save as many innocent lives as possible.
  • In Aftermath the White Knights discover a potential route to strike at Zamorak Himself, thwarting the armageddon. The player descends into the depths of Senntisten's Zamorakian Undercity, where they once again meet with a fully recovered Sir Cadian, who is leading one group of Knights to a portal which can act as a back-door through Zamorak's impenetrable shield. He and his team were forced to retreat after suffering heavy losses due to an ambush by Mefis the Jailer as they passed through the Avernic Prison. He vows to be behind you every step of the way.

Current standing[edit | edit source]

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The White Knights are arguably the most important political group in Asgarnia, as their leader, Sir Amik Varze, is the Lord Regent of the Kingdom, save the Principality of Burthorpe. They are said to stand against evil, being followers of Saradomin. However, the Knights are known not only for their honour and dedication to the truth but also for their zealousness, too eager to ensure that laws are upheld to the letter. Bob the Jagex Cat occasionally cautions players that the White Knights are more complicated than they seem.[9] Commander Denulth of the Imperial Guard also considers the White Knights to be taking advantage of King Vallance, who he describes as "old and weak".[5] The Knights often contest with the Imperial Guard over matters of jurisdiction.

The White Knights are allies of Misthalin as well as Asgarnia, and as such the King is able to grant White Knight squires full knighthood. This is rarely done and as such is considered to be a great honour upon the knight.

The White Knights live by a strict code of honour, and swear vows before Saradomin upon being knighted which disbar them from many secular or recreational activities or distractions, such as having children. However, they are allowed to drink alcohol and dance, unlike some of the other Saradominist monastic orders such as the Sisters of the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede. Their code of conduct also entails various other commitments, such as to always tell the truth or to fight honourably. The Knights are known to frequently bang their swords and shields together as a form of challenge, to draw the enemy's attention and ensure they are fully aware, as the White Knights eschew guerrilla attacks as dishonourable. This action can be preformed by the player using Sir Owen's shield.

Most White Knights join the Order at a very young age and spend the majority of their formative years training and studying both the ways of the Knights and the teachings of their church, ensuring that they are truly ready to accept the life-long commitment of Knighthood before they take their vows. In times of crisis however, the Order has been known to expedite this process either by temporarily deputising noteworthy volunteers or through conscripting the aid of young men across Asgarnia and Misthalin.

Players as White Knights[edit | edit source]

A male player wearing a white knight armour set.

Players become members of the Temple Knights, an ancient order with strong ties to the White Knights, after completing the Recruitment Drive quest. Additionally, completion of the quest Wanted! gives the player access to White Knight equipment contingent on rank in the order. Players' ranks within the order are different from the ranks suggested by the various tabard colours. This is because the ranks suggested by the tabard colours are earned by completing quests given out by the Temple Knights, such as Slug Menace, and do not increase your reputation with the White Knights. Players can increase their rank by killing Black Knights or Elite Black Knights, whereas killing White Knights will decrease the Player's rank.

Black Knights killed Player rank
<100 N/A
100–199 White Knight Novice
200–299 White Knight Peon
300–499 White Knight Page
500–799 White Knight Noble
800–1299 White Knight Adept
1,300+ White Knight Master

Upon entering the order, the player is automatically a White Knight Novice and is credited with 100 black knight kills. Thereafter, killing a regular Black Knight counts as one kill while killing an Elite Black Knight counts as 12 kills. Killing a white knight reduces the player's kill count by one and can result in the player being demoted in rank. Players can check their rank by clicking Wanted! in the Quest Journal control panel; the player's current rank is shown with the wording "I am currently a (Rank) white knight." Likewise players can check their black knight kills with quick-chat FS8.

When the player is promoted to a new rank, the game window displays the promotion: "Congratulations you are now a White Knight (Rank)." There is no announcement, however, for being demoted or being promoted again to a rank the player once held.

Knight rankings can be used to obtain White Knight equipment from Sir Vyvin at the White Knights' Castle in Falador. Each piece of equipment requires a specific knight ranking to buy, but not to wear.

If you kill enough White Knights, you will be demoted to "no rank" and Sir Vyvin will refuse to sell anything to you.

Achieving the White Knight Master rank is a requirement to trim the completionist cape and to obtain the master quest cape.

Members[edit | edit source]

Key figures[edit | edit source]

Name Play on word/phrase
Sir Perior† (former Grand Master of the Order) "Superior"
Sir Amik Varze (leader of the Order) "Ceramic vase"
Sir Vyvin (armourer) "Surviving"
Sir Renitee (herald) "Serenity"

Knights[edit | edit source]

Name Play on word/phrase
Sir Alvin Alvin and the Chipmunks
Sir Atcha "Sriracha"
Sir Berus "Cerberus"
Sir Cadian "Circadian"
Sir Cull "Circle"
Sir Dated "Sedated"
Sir Fsup "Surf's up"
Commander Jaycliff N/A
Sir Ken Schism "Circumcision"
Sir Lection "Selection"
Sir Plus "Surplus"
Sir Plyan Demand "Supply and demand"
Sir Simon Alvin and the Chipmunks
Sir Tenlee "Certainly"
Tomlin (former) N/A
Sir Vant "Servant"
Sir Vile "Servile"
Sir Ving "Serving"
The Player (after Wanted!) N/A

Grotworm Lair[edit | edit source]

Name Play on word/phrase
Sir Loynst Ayke "Sirloin steak"
Sir Pent "Serpent"
Sir Rebrum "Cerebrum"
Sir Remony "Ceremony"
Sir Render "Surrender"
Sir Rial "Surreal"
Sir Rillic "Cyrillic"
Sir Rinch "Syringe"
Sir Rogate "Surrogate"
Sir Rownd "Surround"
Sir Ruppe "Syrup"
Sir Vey "Survey"

Unnamed[edit | edit source]

Novels[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Most of the White Knights and Temple Knights have names that are a play on words using the honorific Sir. For instance, there is "Sir Vyvin" (surviving) and "Sir Renitee" (serenity). Other members of the order without the honorific have similar names, like "Paul Cerlyn" (porcelain) and "Lady Table" (lay the table). In Azzanadra's Quest, it is revealed that the Chthonian Veilinius, the true identity of Sir Vey Lance, was responsible for the name puns.[10]
  • White Knights appeared as a unit of Saradomin in the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor.
  • There are two statues of White Knights just outside the doors of the Legends' Guild. Who these men are and why their statues are here remains unknown.
  • In Postbag from the Hedge 13 Sir Amik claims the White Knights have employed the use of items as diverse as cabbages and redberry pies in the defence of the people of Asgarnia. He also states the Order has made great headway with their "goat-staring" techniques. These are likely references to The Knight's Sword, the now-removed Black Knights' Fortress quest, and the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats.
  • In Postbag from the Hedge 36 Fiara claims the White Knights had attempted to claim the Fist of Guthix site as a temple to Saradomin, explaining the four-pointed stars etched into the walls and the statues of Knights throughout the cavern.
  • In the Postbag from the Hedge 42[11], Lucien says '...the Black Knights have been more politically motivated of late by their ongoing persecution at the hands of those hypocrites, the White Knights, and their masters, the Temple Knights, whose machinations will only be to your detriment.'
  • The Spirit Scorpion familiar expresses that it would like to hold up a band of junior White Knights who are selling Gnome Crunchies.
  • In the Siege scenario of the now removed Mobilising Armies minigame, it was rumoured that the castle protected a rogue Knight who was exiled for treason against the King of Asgarnia. It is possible this may have been a White Knight.
  • During the Battle of Lumbridge, Duke Horacio asks for reinforcements from the White Knights: "Greetings. Duke Horatio has called for aid, and Falador has answered." This is a reference to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, where a similar conversation takes place between Aragorn and Theoden.

References[edit | edit source]

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