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This article is about the organisation. For the monster, see White Knight.
A typical White Knight.

The White Knights of Falador are a monastic Saradominist paramilitary group, with strong ties to the Temple Knights of Saradomin. They can be found at the White Knights' Castle in Falador.

The White Knights are arguably the most important political group in Asgarnia, as their leader, Sir Amik Varze, is the Lord Regent of the kingdom, save the Principality of Burthorpe. They have a long rivalry with the Black Knights, and to a lesser degree with the Burthorpe Imperial Guard. In general, they are said to stand against evil, being followers of Saradomin. However, players are occasionally cautioned by Bob the Jagex Cat that the White Knights are more complicated than they seem, and advises players to watch their backs. Commander Denulth of the Burthorpe Imperial Guard also believes the White Knights have illegally taken control of the Kingdom of Asgarnia in King Vallance's stead.

The White Knights are allies of Misthalin as well as Asgarnia, and as such the King is able to grant White Knight squires full knighthood. This is rarely done and as such is considered to be a great honour upon the knight.

The White Knights live by a strict code of honour, and swear vows before Saradomin upon being knighted which disbar them from many secular or recreational activities or distractions, such as having children. However, they are allowed to drink alcohol and dance, unlike some of the other Saradominist monastic orders such as the Sisters of the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede. Their code of conduct also entails various other commitments, such as to always tell the truth or to fight honourably.

Players as White Knights[edit | edit source]

A male player wearing a white knight armour set.

After completing the Recruitment Drive quest, players become members of the Temple Knights, an ancient order with strong ties to the White Knights. Completion of the Wanted! quest gives the player access to White Knight equipment after obtaining a sufficient rank in the order. Players' ranks within the order are different from the ranks suggested by the various tabard colours. This is because the ranks suggested by the tabard colours are earned by completing quests given out by the Temple Knights, such as Slug Menace, and do not increase your reputation with the White Knights. Players gain in rank by killing Black Knights; however, killing White Knights lowers rank.

Black Knights killed Player rank
<100 N/A
100–199 White Knight Novice
200–299 White Knight Peon
300–499 White Knight Page
500–799 White Knight Noble
800–1299 White Knight Adept
1,300+ White Knight Master

Upon entering the order, the player is automatically a White Knight Novice and is credited with 100 black knight kills. Thereafter, killing a regular Black Knight counts as one kill while killing an Elite Black Knight counts as 12 kills. Killing a white knight reduces the player's kill count by one and can result in the player being demoted in rank. Players can check their rank by clicking Wanted! in the Quest Journal control panel; the player's current rank is shown with the wording "I am currently a (Rank) white knight." Likewise players can check their black knight kills with quick-chat FS8.

When the player is promoted to a new rank, the game window displays the promotion: "Congratulations you are now a White Knight (Rank)." There is no announcement, however, for being demoted or being promoted again to a rank the player once held.

Knight rankings can be used to obtain White Knight equipment from Sir Vyvin at the White Knights' Castle in Falador. Each piece of equipment requires a specific knight ranking to buy, but not to wear. Pieces of white knight equipment can be sold back to Sir Vyvin at the same price as they were bought at. When compared to the armour of White Knight NPCs, this equipment has less shine, and the NPC's armour appears to have a black trim on it.

If you kill enough White Knights and have been demoted to "no rank," Sir Vyvin will refuse to sell anything to you.

Achieving the White Knight Master rank is a requirement to trim the completionist cape and to obtain the master quest cape.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Most of the White Knights and Temple Knights have names that are a play on words using the honorific Sir. For instance, there is "Sir Vyvin" (surviving) and "Sir Renitee" (serenity). Other members of the order without the honorific have similar names, like "Paul Cerlyn" (porcelain) and "Lady Table" (lay the table).
  • White Knights appeared as a unit of Saradomin in the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor.
  • During the Battle of Lumbridge, Duke Horacio asks for reinforcements from the White Knights: "Greetings. Duke Horatio has called for aid, and Falador has answered." This is a reference to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, where a similar conversation takes place between Aragorn and Theoden.