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The Banshee mistress is an exceptionally strong banshee, and acts as the final boss of the Smoking Kills quest. She is located at the northern end of the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon. To enter her chamber, players must have a Banshee voice. She is inaccessible after the quest.

When she is at half of her full life points, she will call her minions to help. When this happens, four level 81 Insectoid assassins will attack with powerful ranged attacks. When you kill her, the assassins vanish and a cutscene is played. It is strongly recommended that players wield masked earmuffs before attempting to fight her and also whilst in the cave; otherwise there is a very high risk of death.

Due to an update, if a player dies while fighting the Banshee mistress, they will now automatically keep the masked earmuffs and their gravestone will spawn next to the well in Pollnivneach.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

It is recommended that players wear their best dragonhide armour, as the mistress uses a magic-based melee attack and the spell Water Blast.

Throughout the fight, the mistress will randomly hit players with an acoustic attack, causing the player to fall over. This hits around 1000-1400 LP and you can't prevent it. If auto-retaliate is off, then the player will not attack the mistress again, possibly causing the player to die.

During the fight, players should stand next to the mistress, using Protect from Melee and eating when necessary. When the mistress says, 'Minions, aid me', the player should quickly swap to Protect from Range or the player could be hit for up to 800 life points (The rangers hit a max of 200 and there are 4 of them.) Players should then watch their health and prayer carefully and eat as often as required.

Required items[edit | edit source]

Players should wear:

  • The best available Dragonhide armour. (Armadyl armour is a bit more expensive, although better choice if the player can afford it. It possesses higher stats than dragonhide as well as a small prayer bonus.)
  • A good weapon. The mistress is weak to bolts so it is strongly recommended to bring the best crossbow you can use along with suitable bolts. The best options are the Royal crossbow or twin Chaotic crossbows, but the Black salamander or even the Red salamander will work too, as they are inexpensive and deal decent bolt damage (though they require tar instead of bolts). Another alternative for those with a high Firemaking level and completion of Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf is the hand cannon.
  • Plenty of runes/arrows; about 400-500 bolts should be more than enough, especially if using a 2-handed crossbow.
  • It is very possible to succeed in the fight using Spider silk armour, casting Air Blast (or better) to kill mistress, and crushing weapon (at least adamant mace plus offhand mace) to kill Insectoid assassins with Bass as food.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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