Tortured soul (Queen Black Dragon)

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This article is about the monster summoned by the Queen Black Dragon. For other uses, see Tortured soul (disambiguation).

Tortured souls are monsters that appear during the Queen Black Dragon fight. They may spawn from phase two onward. Shortly after appearing, they will say a line of dialogue and release a chaotic cloud attack, which will deal anywhere from 1000-1500 damage if the player is hit by it. The attack can be avoided by running around the area, but should be lured into tortured souls or giant worms which will harm them instead. A common way to mitigate the clouds is to run through a tortured soul to the left of the player once they state their line of dialogue, causing the clouds to hit them instead. If they are not killed after a fixed duration, they will reappear next to the player, spawning another chaotic cloud attack. The chaotic clouds will also dissipate after a while should they not come in contact with the player or a monster. During phase two, only one soul will spawn at a time, during phase three the Queen will spawn two souls at once and during the final phase four Tortured Souls will spawn at once.

The Queen Black Dragon may "siphon" the Tortured souls if they have not been defeated quickly enough, which will heal her for 200 life points per tick while simultaneously harming the souls for 100 life points worth of damage per heal.

During the final phase, a single Tortured soul may teleport into the corner of the arena and charge the Queen Black Dragon's special "time stop" move, which will be used if it is not killed quickly enough. If the attack is fully charged, the player will be frozen in place and unable to use any sort of action such as teleporting, using items or food, or combat abilities. The soul will go back to using a standard melee attack once this move is finished.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Souls can spawn on invalid tiles during the fight. This is a glitch that is yet to be addressed.
  • If the player is on a magical platform rather then on solid ground when souls are summoned, they will be placed randomly around the arena rather than next to the player.
  • Tortured souls count as ghost-like creatures for unlocking bone cremation on bonfires.
  • Tortured souls had 1675 life points before the release of Legacy Mode.

References[edit | edit source]

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