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The Spirit is the ghost of a monk inhabiting the Spirit Realm that coincides with the Chaos Temple in the Wilderness. Although his real name is unknown, he hints that he may have once been known as Lamel, Urgand, Dnagru, Gnameall, Ludgem, Lamreg or Garel. These names are probably anagrams of either his name or names he remembers from the past. He calls his god Zamorak a "red Rokazma"(anagram), and after a while changes it into "Mokazra". Players must use an upgraded Jennica's ring from the Summer's End quest to access this part of the Spirit Realm.

If an Ghostspeak amulet is worn, the spirit can be talked to and understood. However, because he has remained bound to the Spirit Realm for more than 2,000 years, his mind is unstable and he himself does not seem to remember most of his life. In addition, he speaks in cryptic riddles and anagrams that make understanding him difficult.

The spirit appears to have once been a monk that fought in the God Wars of the Third Age. He claims to have been one of many in a large group of Zamorakian holy soldiers who fought for Zamorak near the God War's end. He suggests that he witnessed the end of the God Wars either shortly before or after his death, claiming he saw Guthix "put down his fist", an allusion to the Fist of Guthix and its origins. Even after being killed by enemies of Zamorak, the monk chose to remain bound to the temple in which he was slain so that he could continue to serve his god.

The sentence: "The sword had sought its new home and my time in flesh was over" may also be a reference to how Guthix ended the God Wars, by plunging the Sword of Edicts into the heart of the Wilderness volcano.

The spirit also hints at other key subjects, such as the Stone of Jas. He seems to be a clue as to the subject of the first Grandmaster quest, While Guthix Sleeps.

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