Mysterious ghost (Rennard)

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Not to be confused with Lord Daquarius Rennard.
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Rennard was a master thief in the late Second Age. He now wanders the surface of Gielinor as an invisible ghost, and can only be seen using a ring of visibility and, like with nearly all ghosts, can only be heard when wearing an amulet of ghostspeak. He is involved heavily in the miniquest The Curse of Zaros, and must be spoken to after beginning the quest with Valdez the explorer. Rennard gives the player Ghostly gloves.

When spoken to, Rennard will first threaten the player, and then divulge into the cause of his curse. Rennard had just conducted a jewellery heist on some Dwarves, and saw Valdez, hurrying to Entrana through what is now known as Kandarin. He saw that Valdez carried the Staff of Armadyl, a valuable god-weapon, and knocked the explorer unconscious. Then, retreating to an unnamed pub that was friendly to thieves, he attempted to sell the weapon to Zaros, a god who had much power at the time. However, Rennard's messenger, Kharrim, delivered the message to Zamorak, who, at the time, was a Mahjarrat general of Zaros. Rennard does not expand any more on his story, though when he died, he found he had been cursed to wander for all eternity, invisible and unheard. He tells the player that if they wish to know more, they should speak to Kharrim.

Rennard can be found at the following locations:

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Rennard" is similar to "Renard", which is the French word for "fox", which would apply to Rennard's prowess as a thief.
  • When Rennard threatens to gut the player like a fish the player responds "I ain't afraid of no ghost", which is a reference to the movie Ghostbusters.
  • Rennard is wearing full rogue outfit.
  • Its seems that in his chathead, his eyes are fully visible and not transparent.
  • In his chathead, Rennard looks bald.
  • Most players have a hard time getting to Rennard if he is in the Wilderness Bandit Camp. There are usually 2-3 Bandit Brawlers hanging around the area. To avoid this, players can run around the area, attracting their attention. Then, by running inside the house that contains Fat Tony, the bandits will follow. Once they are all inside, the player can quickly run out and lock the door, leaving them free to talk to Rennard.
  • This NPC is one of the few NPCs that still uses old RuneScape 2 animations and model size.