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This article is about the non-player character. For the quest, see The Restless Ghost.
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The restless ghost is a spirit haunting Lumbridge cemetery, much to the displeasure of the local priest Father Aereck. He was killed by a warlock while mining at the Lumbridge Swamp mine and was buried without his head. This caused him to become The Restless Ghost.

Eventually an adventurer got hold of a ghostspeak amulet and spoke to him. He explained what happened, and they went to retrieve his skull. The skull however was guarded by a skeleton warlock. Once his skull was retrieved, it was placed in his coffin and he faded away, finally at peace.

During the 20th Anniversary celebrations, the player must give the ghost Father Urhney's spare skull in order to receive extra, extra fine flour. If The Restless Ghost has already been completed, then he will be called "Restful ghost".

The restless ghost is summoned.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Restless ghost speaks in:

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  • patch 23 August 2021 (Update):
    • Graphically updated The Restless Ghost (with the exception of his hat) and his Muddy Skull.