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Bill Blakey is a ghost musician located south-west of the Nature Grotto. He is one of the three ghost musicians, the others being the Ghostly Piper in Wilderness and Boris Barrington in Darkmeyer. He plays an accordion, and requires a ghostspeak amulet to be spoken to. When spoken to with the amulet equipped, he will seem unaware of the player's presence and will sing a poem.

How sweet I roamed from fen to fen, And tasted all the Myre's pride, 'Till I the queen of love did ken, Who in the spirit beams did glide!

She shew'd me lilies in her hair, And blushing roses for her brow; She led me through her gardens fair, Where all her silver blooms do grow.

With sweet Myre dews my wings were wet, And Phoebus' kiss did slowly fade; She'd caught me in her silken net, And trap'd me as this silver shade.

She loves to sit and hear me sing, Then laughing, sports and plays with me; Then stretches out her silver wing, And mocks my loss of liberty.

Dialogue for Bill Blakey[edit | edit source]

Poem Analysis[edit | edit source]

The line: How sweet I roamed from fen to fen. And tasted all the Myre's Pride implies that Blakey had died many years ago, before Mort Myre was brought to its current state of being a rotting swamp filled with Ghasts and other hostile creatures.

There is a chance that he may have been killed by a female Vyrewatch who had tricked Blakey into thinking she was still human. While Vyrewatch do not have silver wings, as described by Blakey in his poem, they are thought to be corrupted icyenes, who have silver wings. In this scenario Blakey would have fallen to the seduction of the vampyre and, when leaning in for "kiss", was bitten, killed, and trapped in a ghost form through some powers assumed to be had by the Vyrewatch. The Vyrewatch's motivation could have just been hunger, or it could have been to have her own personal musician that would play for her on command.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name and dialogue are references to the English Poet William Blake.
  • Bill Blakey appears as a character in Nick Cave's album Murder Ballads, and the poem of the RuneScape character is likewise the ballad of a murder victim.
  • He has a bag next to him that resembles the statue collection bag.
  • Blakey's music sounds like a remix of Norse Code (which plays in Jatizso during the Fremennik Isles quest). The music is also played by Bard Roberts.
  • Boris Barrington, the ghost musician in Darkmeyer, has the same appearance.
  • Being a members-only NPC, he is invisible on free worlds, but the music notes coming out of him can still be seen.