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The ghost inkeeper is the owner of The Green Ghost tavern in Port Phasmatys. Like the other residents of the port, he made a deal with Necrovarus to protect themselves from the vampyres by using the power of the ectofuntus. However, they unwittingly allowed the ectofuntus to turn them into ghosts. He continues to run his business, leasing out a room to Robin and allowing a brewery to operate in the cellar of the tavern, though the taps on the bar have long since run dry.

During an attempt to free the port from Necrovarus's control, he asked an adventurer to give a bedsheet to Robin.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After completing the Ghosts Ahoy quest, he will still ask the player to give a bedsheet to Robin. When the player talks to Robin and choses the 'talk about something else' option whilst having a bedsheet in the inventory, they will offer it to him and he will say "Well it's about time. Run along now, I need some Robin time", but when used on Robin, he will tell the player "Go away peasant, why would I want that?"