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Emergency teleports are instantaneous teleportation used as a fast retreat in dangerous situations which can easily become fatal. It is advised to bring one for things such as quests and boss fights, or when the opponent is significantly stronger than the player. A good emergency teleport must be fast (usable in just one click) and not interrupted by combat.

They are also often used in the Wilderness to escape player killing. However, most teleportation only works up to level 20 Wilderness while a handful works up to level 30 (see here for more information). A player killer's Teleport Block may also prevent the use of teleportation.

Hardcore Ironmen are recommended to always have an emergency teleport at hand to help prevent losing lives in any circumstance.

Recommended Teleport Solutions[edit | edit source]

A player breaking a teleport tablet.
  • War's Retreat Teleport is one of the best options. It is free to use infinitely, does not take up inventory or equipment space, can be put on an action bar, and teleports very close to a bank. It is also available in free-to-play. However, it requires Combat level 60 and at least 10 boss kills. Using it cleanses bleeding effects, but not poison, and deaths inside the War's Retreat are not safe.
  • Similarly, Kandarin monastery Teleport is also a 1-click teleport that can be used without any items.
  • Magic tablets take only one inventory space, are stackable, and require just one click to activate. Unlike the original spells, they have no Magic requirement to use. Teleport to House is the best option, since player-owned houses are safe zones, in that players who die inside do not lose any items. This can be especially helpful if poisoned. Additionally, if a house has at least one Portal Chamber or an amulet of glory mounted in the Quest Hall, teleporting to the house allows quick access to any locations available from the house.
  • Ring of kinship and Archaeology journal also provide unlimited free teleports, albeit requiring 2 clicks. However, they have essentially no requirements, both teleport close to banks, and are available in free-to-play.

Generally it is a smarter choice to err on the side of caution when it comes to protecting health and wealth, especially if death would result in the loss of valuable, possibly hard-to-replace items. If a player is in a situation in which their health is rapidly depleting to dangerous levels, teleporting as soon as possible is a must.

Worn equipment[edit | edit source]

Certain items when worn have a right-click teleport ability that cannot be interrupted. With the Worn Equipment panel open, right click on the item and then select the teleport destination. While this take one click and one menu selection, combat does not interrupt the process. If the item is something the player might normally wear in combat, this process saves an inventory space. It can be used in many dangerous situations, except those so deadly that a 1-click teleport is absolutely needed.

  • Most but not all teleport-capable Jewellery can be used this way, including the Ring of duelling, the Games necklace, the Combat bracelet, and the Amulet of glory.
  • The Explorer's ring 3 and 4 allows infinite teleports to the Falador cabbage patch, and Explorer's ring 4 has the highest combat stats in free-to-play.
  • The Ring of kinship and the Archaeology journal are also commonly used free-to-play options as they are quick to obtain, free to use or replace, and their destinations are close to banks. The Archaeology journal is slightly superior as it is faster and is equipped in the pocket slot, which is otherwise almost never used in free-to-play, thus freeing the ring slot for a more combat-oriented option.
  • The Ring of life is a special case as it automatically activates when the wielder's Life Points drop below 10% of their maximum. It can provide good insurance against death in case of lag, disconnection, or simple neglecting of Life Points, but it should not be any player's sole emergency escape solution, since some attacks could deal enough damage to bypass the 10% threshold entirely; the ring does not prevent death, and its teleport will not activate if the wearer is above the threshold, then takes enough damage from a single hit to be killed outright.

Since the Evolution of Combat, it is now possible to attach teleportation spells onto the action bar, including Standard Spellbook teleports, teleportation tablets, or certain equipment teleports including the Explorer's ring. These can provide a safe 1-click emergency teleport.