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Hopespear (known simply as ghost in-game) is the name of an ancient goblin prophet who fought alongside the Narogoshuun tribe at the Battle of Plain of Mud in the Fourth Age. During the battle, in which eleven out of the twelve Goblin Tribes (exception being the Dorgeshuun) fought, Hopespear had a vision about Bandos, his god, telling him to stop the battle, and that he would one day send a Chosen Commander to lead the goblins to victory.

Hopespear currently resides in the temple under the Plain of Mud on which the battle was fought, an invisible ghost much like those cursed by Zaros in the Second Age. He can only be spoken to with the aid of a ghostspeak amulet; this requirement can be negated with the passive reward obtained from the Morytania achievements. He can be found in the tomb that holds the former high priests of the temple, access of which can only be attained after completing a large part of the Land of the Goblins quest. After the quest he will present the player with the Hopespear's Will miniquest if talked to. 

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Ghost (Hopespear) speaks in:

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 19 December 2012 (Update):
    • Several goblins have been graphically updated to the same standard as the recently reworked goblins.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hopespear's vision is referenced in the book, Bandos's Memories, which details how Bandos found him.
  • If the player has the Gift from Sliske, it is possible to see Hopespear's ghost without the ring of visibility. Inadvertently, it means it is possible to talk to Hopespear while still transmogrified as a goblin. However, this does not change his dialogue and he still identifies the player as human.