Meranek Thanatos

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Meranek Thanatos chathead.png

Meranek Thanatos is an NPC involved in the Spirit of Summer quest. He is one of the three spirits that traps the Spirit Beast. The other spirits are Jallek Lenkin and Erik Bonde. Jallek and Meranek used to work for Erik as farmhands.

In the Summer's End quest, Meranek explains about the Spirit Beast's weakness in its chest, and helps the player defeat the beast in the quest. At the end of this quest his spirit is put to rest.

Meranek Thanatos is seen wielding a Spirit shield and in the end of the quest he gives it to the player who helped them to kill the Spirit Beast.

During Spirit of Summer quest he helps you learn emote communication.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Thanatos is the Daemon personification of Death and Mortality, and also the Ancient Greek god of death. It also literally means death in Greek.
  • During Summer's End, it is shown that he created the Spirit shields when stuck in the Spirit Realm. He also created the four sigils, Arcane, Divine, Elysian and Spectral.