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Filliman Tarlock was a druid who lives in the Nature Grotto in Mort Myre Swamp. He was the only person with the knowledge of how to harm and defeat ghasts. He was killed violently by unknown means at an unknown time.[1] The most efficient way to get to him is to hug the western coast of the swamp whilst travelling south, running all the way.

After a period of non-communication, Drezel of the nearby Paterdomus temple hired an adventurer to check on Filliman as part of the Nature Spirit quest. They arrived at his house, only to discover that he had died and become a restless spirit. However, Filliman himself believed that he was still alive, as he could still see and hear things. However, after being unable to see himself in a mirror he realised he was dead and set out to become a Nature Spirit. He gave the adventurer a druidic spell to help with the ritual, instructing them to seek Drezel's help in using it. They used the spell to obtain a Mort myre fungus, which they used with the spell scroll and themselves in order to complete the ritual. Having successfully become a Nature Spirit, he blessed a silver sickle and taught the adventurer the secret to defeating ghasts, giving them a druid pouch and instructing them to defeat three ghasts. Once this was done, he changed his grotto into a holy place.

After Nature Spirit, if players encounter him as an NPC by other players doing the quest, he cannot be spoken to, even with a ghostspeak amulet. A message appears saying "This spirit seems too ethereal to communicate with." unless a player is doing the A Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains; Filliman's help is required to enchant magic secateurs to defeat Tanglefoot with.

He can also appear while Temple Trekking, during which he enchants the player with the power of water, and the player must put out the fires surrounding his grotto.

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