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Velorina is a ghost living in the northern house in Port Phasmatys. She desires the ability to pass over to the afterlife. As she is a ghost, either a ghostspeak amulet or completion of the Morytania Hard Tasks is required to communicate with her.

Many years ago, the port was a thriving economic hub, the citizens rich from trading with the Eastern lands. This attracted the attention of pirates, who would raid the port and steal artefacts like the Book of haricanto.[1] However, this drew the attention of the vampyre Lowerniel Drakan, who sent minions to claim blood tithes. They reluctantly agreed to this, which caused many to abandon the port for safer lands.[2] Necrovarus, a priest from the Eastern lands, promising salvation and protection in exchange for access to the deposits of ectoplasm located far below the port. They built the Ectofuntus to harvest the ectopower which repelled the vampyres' attacks.[3] The ectoplasm's power slowly drained their desire to sustain themselves and they died off, brought back as ghosts.[4] The mage erected a barrier, preventing them from passing over.[5]

When an adventurer came by, she told them of her troubles, and they agreed to seek recourse with Necrovarus. When he refused to even listen, she suggested they visit an old friend of hers, who used to be a disciple of Necrovarus.[6] The adventurer located her friend, who knew of a spell to convince Necrovarus to let the citizens go free, but it required several items. Velorina helped as she could, informing the adventurer that the book of haricanto had been stolen, that an Eastern trader would be able to translate if the book was found, and that Necrovarus's robes were located in the ectofuntus temple. The adventurer obtained the items and the translation, which was used to make an enchanted ghostspeak amulet. This amulet was used to force Necrovarus to remove his barrier, allowing the ghosts to pass over if they chose to.

Velorina chose to remain and gave the adventurer a phial of ectoplasm to thank them for their services.

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