Red salamander (Hunter)

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For the attackable monster in Ourania Cave, see Cave lizard.
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Description: Hunting red salamanders
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A red salamander is a creature that can be caught using the Hunter skill. A Hunter level of 59 is required to catch it. Red salamanders give 224 Hunter experience when caught. It can be caught by using a small fishing net and a rope on a young tree, after which players can use it as a ranged weapon.

The Ourania Hunter area is located west of the spirit tree near the Battlefield of Khazard. To get there, use the Lunar magic spell Ourania Teleport, travel using the spirit trees, or teleport to Castle Wars Arena and walk north. There are two spots in which hunting salamanders is possible: one is located directly south of the altar, the other is located east of the entrance of the path that leads to the altar. There is also a bank in the Ourania Cave, however using the bank requires a payment of 20 runes of any type.

Catching a red salamander completes a task in the Ardougne achievements.

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