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Klenter is a ghost who is located in Sophanem, just south of the Pyramid Plunder pyramid. He was once the high priest of Icthlarin in Sophanem[1], but he died and was buried by means of an embalming ritual. Freeing him is required for Two Rites Don't Make a Wrong achievement and a part of the Master quest cape.

Icthlarin's Little Helper[edit | edit source]

During Icthlarin's Little Helper, the player was tricked and hypnotised by Amascut the Devourer to infiltrate his tomb and steal one of the canopic jars containing his organs so that she could steal his soul. When the player tries to leave Klenter's Pyramid after hiding one of her symbols inside one of the sarcophagi, Icthlarin himself breaks the spell placed on them by Amascut and the player wakes up outside the pyramid without realising what they had done.

At this point, Klenter's soul can be seen in the streets of Sophanem, blaming the player for what had transpired (of course, he can't be understood without a ghostspeak amulet), and everyone in the city (with the exception of the Sphinx) will turn violent towards them for desecrating the tomb. Later, the player manages to enter the pyramid once again (with the help of their cat) in order to return the canopic jar they stole earlier, receiving Klenter's gratitude for doing so.[2]

After this, the High Priest of Sophanem decides to perform a second embalming ritual for Klenter, during which Amascut attacks the priests and the player with a Possessed Priest thanks to the symbol the player had unknowingly placed there before, but she fails and runs away to hide.

By the end of the quest, it is stated by the High Priest that, unfortunately for the Sophanites, Amascut had hypnotised another adventurer immediately after running away from the ritual, to make them do the same things the player had previously done, and for that reason the plagues hadn't been lifted from Sophanem. The High Priest also states that, for as long as she doesn't give up on stealing Klenter's soul, the struggle between Icthlarin and Amascut would continue forever.

Character[edit | edit source]

The slaves in Sophanem state that he doesn't deserve a proper burial due to being someone that took advantage of the misery of others.[3] Given the slaves' reduced workload due to the quarantine in Sophanem[4] and the belief that the desecration of Klenter's remains caused the plagues, the slaves despise the player for attempting to put Klenter's soul to rest, which may make them biased against the former High Priest.[5]

According to the embalmer of Sophanem, Klenter was a vindictive sort, stating that he could hold a grudge forever.[6] He describes him as a cruel and hard man. However, upon laying his soul to rest, Klenter thanks the player, stops haunting him and makes the plague creatures no longer aggressive to him.[2]

Predecessor Title Successor
Unknown Sophanite High Priest of Icthlarin High Priest

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Klenter speaks in:

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References[edit | edit source]

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