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Ambassador Spanfipple is a gnomish ambassador sent by King Narnode Shareen to establish diplomatic ties with the kingdom of Asgarnia. Spanfipple has found much success during his visit, and has spoken to Sir Amik Varze on a number of occasions. He is a potential customer in the Gnome Restaurant.

Spanfipple can be found on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] floor of the eastern White Knights' Castle, near Sir Renitee. He has a somewhat large wander radius, though, meaning he can at times be difficult to locate. Most of the time, however, he is found in the room with racks and cages.

Description[edit | edit source]

Spanfipple was sent from the Tree Gnome Stronghold, where most of Gielinor's gnomish population can be found. Spanfipple is but one of several ambassadors recently sent by the gnomes to the major human kingdoms, although he has found considerably more success than those in Misthalin and Kandarin.

Since King Vallance of Asgarnia is very ill, Spanfipple has instead been speaking to Sir Amik Varze, the leader of the White Knights and ruler of Falador in Vallance's stead. Despite the controversy surrounding Sir Amik, he has been very hospitable to Spanfipple, and the two have already made progress in solidifying a good relationship between their nations.

Spanfipple is a potential customer in the Gnome Restaurant minigame. If players choose to take a hard order from Aluft Gianne Jr in the Grand Tree, they may have to deliver a pastry or cocktail to Spanfipple, who is not particularly fond of human cuisine. He will give them a tip if the delivery is made on time.

Gnome Restaurant[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Shortly after the addition of the Gnome Restaurant minigame, a glitch occurred making Spanfipple "disappear" from the game, making delivery orders for him impossible to complete. World-hopping usually brings him back.