Dwarven luminite mine

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The Dwarven luminite mine is a mine that can be found in the southern section of the Dwarven mines, located beneath Falador. Reaching it has no requirements whatsoever. The mine only contains luminite rocks.

It is guarded by Scorpions and King Scorpions, the latter of which are aggressive against players up to 78 combat. King Scorpions can use melee or ranged attacks, but will only use ranged attacks if you attack them first. Therefore, due to their large size, as long as you don't attack them (while they are trying to attack someone else) they can easily be trapped, unable to attack you with melee and never being able to hit you.

The best way to get there is by using the teleport option on the Dungeoneering cape and teleporting to the Dwarven mine resource dungeon. Alternatively, players can teleport to the Falador lodestone, go south to enter the city and run east from there to the building next to the Party Room in the northeast corner of the city, with stairs down to the cave, with the Dwarven luminite mine to the west.

Players who choose to mine here, can easily deposit their luminite at the Falador east bank, which can be reached by going up the nearby stairs and walking southwest, or at the Artisans' Workshop to the south. Dwarven Mine resource dungeon has a bank deposit box which is even closer, but requires 15 Dungeoneering. You must "use" your ore box on the deposit box to empty your ores into the bank without depositing the ore box itself. However, with the resource dungeon deposit box so close, some might opt to not use an ore box at all.

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