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A Fruit Blast is a Gnome cocktail which heals 250-925 life points. Players can make it at 6 Cooking, which grants 50 Cooking experience. Players can buy the necessary ingredients at the Tree Gnome Stronghold (for example in Heckel Funch's shop).

Creation[edit | edit source]

Fruit Blast.png Fruit Blast
Cooking LevelCooking XPHourglass.pngMake-X GE icon.png
620.00 (0s) 10,391
Servings1Life points LP200
P2P icon.png Members only
Mixed blast.pngMixed blast11,9241,924
Lemon slices.pngLemon slices14646
Cocktail glass.pngCocktail glass1N/A-
Total price1,970

Mixing:[edit | edit source]

Mix the ingredients together in the cocktail shakers:

1 Pineapple

1 Orange

1 Lemon.

Shake using the shaker.

Add lemon slices

The optimal inventory setup is as follows:

Place the glasses in the inventory, then the shaker. This prevents accidentally drinking the newly made cocktails.

Other uses[edit | edit source]

Upon completion of the The Dig Site quest, if a player asks for a drink, a fresh fruit blast will be given to them.

When ashes are added to a fruit blast during the quest Recipe for Disaster, it becomes a dirty blast, which is one of the items needed for the quest. Ashes can not be added until after the quest begins, and a premade fruit blast will not work. If ashes are added to the wrong drink a message stating that the cook does not want this drink will appear.

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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