Admiral Bake

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Admiral Bake was a famous gnome explorer in the late Fourth Age, famed for his discovery of tortoises and presenting the small tortoise Mibbiwocket to King Healthorg shortly after its birth. Little more is known of him or his achievements, although it is known he was alive in the late Fourth Age, and because of his discovery, gnomes would later be given advantages in numerous battles throughout history with the aid of tortoises, most notably the Battle of Atarisundri, in which the gnomish illusionist Glouphrie used his magic to make it appear to the opposing goblins that the gnomes had an army of tortoises, even though they only had one, which was, incidentally, Mibbiwocket.

King Healthrog mounted on Mibbiwocket, the tortoise that Bake discovered

Admiral Bake has been referenced to multiple times during the game of RuneScape, most notably in the Gnome quest series and in Varrock Museum's Natural history quiz, where "Admiral Bake" is the correct answer to the question "Name the explorer who discovered the world's oldest tortoise." It is generally assumed that he is dead, though given the long lifespan of gnomes (Hazelmere has been alive for at least two hundred years), it is entirely possible that he is still alive.