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Altra Sonde is the mother of Sir Owen Sonde and a minor Faladian noble. She was kidnapped by a Kinshra raiding party some time in the 140s of the Fifth Age, while her husband Stario was away in court.[1] Upon return, his Altra was gone and Owen was left with a large wound inflicted by a knight. Stario was stricken with grief and the event ended the good relationship he had had with Owen.[2] Whether Altra is still alive remains unknown.

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  1. ^ Sir Owen, "The Death of Chivalry", RuneScape. "When I was young, my mother - Altra - was captured by a Kinshra raiding party. (...) Stario - my father - heard of the attack, but by the time he returned from court, the Black Knights had long since fled."
  2. ^ Sir Owen, "The Death of Chivalry", RuneScape. "I wanted my father to be angry, to blame me for the loss of his wife, my mother. Instead, there was only grief and sorrow in his eyes, and father has looked at me with disappointment ever since."