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King Bolren is the King of the Tree Gnome Village. He is the brother of Bolrie.

Bolren is a possible customer (a hard order) in the Gnome Restaurant minigame and players must speak to him for the treasure trail anagram 'Goblin Kern'.

History[edit | edit source]

Ruler of the Tree Gnome Village[edit | edit source]

After Bolrie was exiled for working with Glouphrie (albeit without his consent), Bolren was appointed ruler in place of his brother's exile. Although the gnomes of the village were furious with Bolrie, it was only a few years before they forgot about the incident. Bolren then proceeded to move Bolrie's family back to the surface. Due to the war Bolrie had instigated on Khazard, Bolren also constructed a hedge maze inspired from his older brother's maze puzzle to protect the village from Khazard's forces.

One day, the gnome inventor Yewnock arrived to the village. Bolren, a curious child at the time, found crates of crystal. Yewnock hid the crates of crystal and told Bolren not to let anyone else know what he was doing, having constructed an anti-illusion device in the caves underneath before departing.

As ruler, he forbade gnome gliders from landing near the village.

The following takes place during Tree Gnome Village.

In the year 169 of the Fifth Age, Bolren was still at war with Khazard's forces. An adventurer, who stumbled to the battlefield, navigated through the hedge maze. Bolren told the adventurer that to ensure victory against Khazard's forces, they took an orb of protection to the front, where it was captured. He requested they bring the orb back, which they agreed to do.

When the adventurer retrieved the orb, Khazard's forces infiltrated the village and killed all in their path, including his wife. He begged them to retrieve the remaining orbs from one of Khazard's warlords, safeguarding the one they brought back to him for the time being. The adventurer slew the warlord and reclaimed the remaining orbs, upon which Bolren had the ceremony commence to protect the village. Grateful for their assistance, Bolren gave them an amulet that would protect them on their journey, and allowed them to use the spirit trees to travel across Gielinor.

Adopting a cute creature[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Path of Glouphrie.

Sometime after the Khazard incident, Bolren found and adopted a cute creature, calling it Dumpling. The adventurer returned to the village and immediately warned Bolren that it was actually an evil creature in disguise, sent by the gnomes of Arposandra. Bolren believed the adventurer was insane, but the adventurer soon found an anti-illusion device in the caves underneath the village. Upon repairing the device, Dumpling was revealed to be an evil creature, so Bolren asked the adventurer to kill it.

Bolren was surprised to learn that the gnomes of Arposandra had only sent one evil creature to the village, believing that the village was more important than the stronghold. The adventurer, who was looking for Arposandra, asked Bolren if he knew where it was. Bolren told them that the information he was about to give might not be reliable, but stated that he sent one of his citizens, Longramble, to the far west, as he too was looking for Arposandra.

Reunion with Bolrie[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Prisoner of Glouphrie.

Golrana and the adventurer found and rescued Bolrie from the dungeons of Arposandra, bringing him back to the village. Bolren saw Bolrie and initially believed him to be an illusion, but the adventurer pointed out that Golrana was wearing a portable anti-illusion device. Bolren was happy to see his older brother once more. The adventurer told him that they had visited Arposandra, upon which he believed they were joking. He also allowed gnome gliders to arrive at the village, but only for Belmondo.

Gnome restaurant[edit | edit source]

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Family[edit | edit source]


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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Golrie, Bolren is Bolrie's younger brother, making Golrie Bolren's grandnephew.
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