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This article is about figures watching Champion's Challenge. For the character in the Void Knight quest series, see Mysterious figure.
Mystery figure (Leon d'Cour) chathead.png
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Mystery figures are champions of various races that have come from all over Gielinor to fight in the Champions' Guild, as part of the Champion's Challenge Distractions and Diversions. They cannot be spoken to, or interacted with in anyway (except for the human and gnome, which can be fought).

They are members of six different races:

Of them, only the Human champion and the Gnome champion are fightable. Leon d'Cour, the Human champion, can be fought after 10 lesser champions have been defeated, and Glophren, the Gnome champion, can be fought after all 13 current lesser champions have been defeated.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The TzHaar champion looks very similar to TzHaar-Ket-Yit'tal, met during The Elder Kiln and known as the champion of the Fight Pits.
  • The original designs for the dwarf and TzHaar champions had models for being unseated with their weapons equipped. However, as they could not be fought, they were not used in-game, leaving their models unused within the game files, before they were eventually deleted. The dwarf champion's weapon can still be seen lying next to his chairs, but the TzHaar champions weapons were removed when they were graphically updated.