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Longramble is a gnomish explorer. He plays a minor role in The Path of Glouphrie quest and can be found south of the Spirit tree, Incomitatus.

Longramble wanted to be the first to discover the edge of the world and to gaze down it. Therefore, he hounded King Bolren to grant him permission in his expedition. Exasperated, Bolren agreed.[1] While exploring, he made an order for Tangled toads' legs but was unable to receive his delivery as no-one sent by Gianne Jnr could reach him.[2]

During the events of The Path of Glouphrie, the player manages to track down his location but found him initially unable to converse, due to months of not utilizing his ability to speak.[3] He informs them that he made a detour from his original expedition to search for Arposandra, and deduces that the location he is currently at is where the city might be located, after conversations with other gnomes suggested Glouphrie headed west.[4][5] To back the integrity of his potential discovery, he states that the Elves, whom are the primary inhabitants of the region, would have no cause to pollute their environment.[6] Furthermore, his hostile encounter with a Warped tortoise also hinted towards gnomish involvement, as no other known civilization employs them.[7][8][9]

If the player gives Longramble some tangled toad's legs, he will give them a mint cake in exchange. However, this can only be done once.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Longramble's expedition to find the edge of the world alludes to the medieval, and now debunked, theory that the earth is flat.

References[edit | edit source]

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