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Pukkamay was a gnome chef of the late Fourth Age. While he is deceased, his culinary achievements continue to effect gnome culture significantly even today.

He is most famous for his invention of crunchies, a popular gnomish dish not unlike the humans' cookie. Although his creation of crunchies was an accident, he soon realised the potential in the crunchy and opened a highly successful business. Pukkamay further shook the gnome world when he invented toad crunchies, the first gnome dish to utilise swamp toads as an ingredient. When his invention was unveiled, some thought he had gone insane; however, the idea soon caught on, and today toad is used in many gnome dishes.

The success of Pukkamay was cut short when he was killed in a bizarre terrorbird incident.

Pukkamay is mentioned in Gianne's cook book, as well as on one of the pages found in the Ancient Cavern. The page, though, is actually an excerpt from Gianne's cook book.