Clive (Varrock)

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Clive is a character found in Varrock Palace, the military hub of Misthalin's capital city Varrock.

Clive is a well-dressed nobleman from East Ardougne, the capital of Kandarin. He snubs the player, saying "One does not normally talk to peasants".

Clive first appeared in the game on 29 September of 2008, along with the release of Defender of Varrock. During the quest, he can be seen hiding in a bedroom while armoured zombies engage in the Battle of Varrock Castle. Despite his appearance on the day of the quest's release, he does not play a direct role in the quest.

Meg's cases[edit | edit source]

Clive plays a role in the first of Meg's cases, Clive's Runaway Rabbit where players must help track down his missing pet bunny Bouncy by pursuing clues left in Varrock Palace.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Not only does he look almost exactly like Romeo but with different coloured clothing, he also has the same examine text as Romeo.
  • Depending on the amount of quests players have completed, your "fame" with him will increase and his reaction to "But I'm a famous adventurer." will differ. For example, if players have completed all or all but a few quests, he will apologise, tell you it's an honour and explain that he's heard about your exploits and that he's a courtier from Ardougne. If you've completed only most of the freeplay quests, he will tell you he vaguely recognises your name.
Clive hides from the Zombie Invasion