Transcript of Defender of Varrock journal entry

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  • I spoke to Captain Rovin in the north-west tower of Varrock Palace. He has given me a mission to journey with a scout called Hartwin to the Graveyard of Shadows, within the Wilderness. I am to investigate reports that someone has been organising large numbers of zombies.
  • We have reached the Graveyard of Shadows, but the zombie army has gone.
  • Fortunately, Hartwin has found some zombie tracks. I should follow these and see if I can find out where the zombies have gone.
  • I found a grubby key while following the zombie tracks. The tracks continue.
  • I've reached the end of the zombie tracks. They seem to stop at a ruined temple, south of the graveyard. I should search this area and see if I can find signs of where the zombies have gone.
  • I found a trapdoor in the ruined Chaoes Temple. The grubby key I found earlier unlocked it. This might be where the zombies have gone.
  • I found where the zombie army went. They seem to be in an underground base, beneath the ruined Chaos Temple. I secretly witnessed an extraordinary meeting: I saw a mahjarrat called Zemouregal and a gargoyle called Sharathteerk. I also saw Arrav, who was a hero of Varrock hundreds of years ago. Arrav now seem to be an undead slave of the mahjarrat. Zemouregal seems to be the owner of the base and in charge of all the zombies. There was a discussion that Lucien the mahjarrat was growing in power. I also learned that the base has an unusual security system. To get through the doors of the base, all of the inhabitants have been imbued with a magical mist.
  • I managed to get through a door in Zemouregal's base. I did this by killing zombies and capturing the magical mist that emanated from them. Holding three bottles of mist has allowed me to pass through the door and now I've met Arrav face-to-face!
  • Arrav told me that his body was under the control of Zemouregal, but his mind was still intact. I wonder what else I will find in this place. The mist seems to have escaped from my bottles.
  • I refilled my bottles with mist and used them to pass through another door. I witnessed another conversation between Zemouregal and Sharathteerk. They plan to invade Varrock! Zemouregal wants to get his hands on the Shield of Arrav. I need to warn Captain Rovin.
  • I have reported back to Rovin. We've decided to research how the Shield of Arrav can be used to defeat the zombie army. The imcando dwarves have knowledge of this sort of thing, so I'm going to speak with Thurgo in the far south of the Kingdom of Asgarnia.
  • I have spoken to Thurgo. He doesn't know any more about the Shield of Arrav than I do. He thinks I might be able to find out more if I can find the Sacred Forge in the lost dwarven hall of Camdozaal. Apparently, dwarven sages used to power the forge with blurite, so that information would be revealed to them; however, Camdozaal became blocked from the world by a cave-in. Thurgo couldn't get in as he didn't have the correct digging tools or light source. He has given me a scrap of paper with some coordinates on, which apparently details the location of Camdozaal.
  • The coordinates that Thurgo gave me on the scrap of paper led me to Ice Mountain. I have started to dig and have hit rocky ground. My spade is not sufficient to get through.
  • I used my pickaxe to get through the rocky ground on Ice Mountain. I've uncovered a hole leading underground.
  • I managed to squeeze through the hole and am now in a large underground cavern.
  • I have found the Sacred Forge! I also met an old imcando sage called Ramarno. Ramarno has agreed to help me consult the forge. Now I need to put some blurite ore in it.
  • I have stoked the Sacred Forge. Now I need Ramarno to work some magic that will allow me to consult the forge.
  • I looked into the Sacred Forge and had an incredible vision. People I had met on my adventures appeared, telling me that I need to find the descendant of the elder who founded Varrock. That person will be able to use the Shield of Arrav. Then, Zemouregal appeared in my vision and gloated that his invasion of Varrock was about to happen. I urgently need to report back to Rovin.
  • I returned to Varrock, but zombies have already invaded Varrock Palace! I must find Captain Rovin.
  • Rovin has suggested I should try the Palace Library, to find out who the descendant of the elder is.
  • I spoke to Reldo. He told me that there was a document somewhere on the floor, which contained a list of elders during Arrav's time.
  • I found a list of elders from during Arrav's time. Reldo suggested that, if I compare the list of names with surnames on the Varrock Census, I may be able to find candidates for the descendant of the founder of Varrock. Maybe, one of these candidates will be able to use the Shield of Arrav.
  • I have found that a descendant of the founder married into the Fitzharmon family. This could be another lead as to who in Varrock will be able to use the Shield of Arrav.
  • When Dimintheis Fitzharmon held the Shield of Arrav, it gave off a strange glow, as if it was somehow full of lightning. He may be the one who can defeat the zombie invasion.
  • Dimintheis impressively used the Shield of Arrav to defeat the zombie army. I should talk to Rovin about our glorious victory.