Transcript of Creature of Fenkenstrain journal entry

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  • I spoke to Fenkenstrain, who wanted me to find him some body parts so that he could build a creature.
  • I gave a torso, some arms and legs, and a head to Fenkenstrain, who then wanted a needle and 5 lots of thread, so that he could sew the bodyparts together and create his creature.
  • I brought Fenkenstrain a needle and 5 quantities of thread.
  • I repaired the lightning conductor, and Fenkenstrain brought the Creature to life.
  • The Creature went on a rampage, and Fenkenstrain sent me up to the Tower to destroy it.
  • The Creature convinced me to stop Fenkenstrain's experiments once and for all, and has told me the true history of Fenkenstrain's treachery.
  • I stole Fenkenstrain's Ring of Charos, and he released me from his service.