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A needle is an item used along with thread to create armour out of several different materials (such as leather or dragonleather) through the Crafting skill. It can be bought in crafting stores and clothing stores, such as the one in Al Kharid. They can also be bought from Moon Clan Fine Clothes on Lunar Isle and Polypore Dungeon Supplies in the Polypore Dungeon. A needle can be stored on the tool belt.

Needles can be found by searching haystacks, hay bales, or digging in the Varrock Dig Site, as well as shops and tool stores. This is a reference to the idiom "needle in a haystack". Finding a needle this way unlocks the Well, Would You Look At That achievement.

Needles are stackable items, presumably because they are small, although normal usage does not require them to be.

A Dwarven army axe has the same effect as a needle.

50 needles are needed to create the Automatic hide tanner.

A needle is required in Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Pirate Pete where you have to get one needle (tool belt does not count) and three reels of bronze wire for Nung.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

In RuneScape Classic, needles had a highly-transparent inventory icon, thus it was possible to scam players by placing a stack of several-thousand needles next to a stack of 1000 or more coins to give the illusion that there were several million coins up for trade.

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