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Bonecrusher detail.png
The interface that players can use to choose the bones that are buried when obtained as drops, with the auto-pickup upgrade unlocked.

The bonecrusher is a reward from the Dungeoneering skill. It requires 21 Dungeoneering and 21 Prayer. It costs 34,000 tokens at the rewards trader and is for members only.

This means a Dungeoneering level of at least 62 is required for the tokens needed when using the regular way of Dungeoneering. You could also gain tokens by completing Sagas but then you'll still need a higher Dungeoneering level than 21 in order to do it effectively. It is, however, possible to acquire the necessary tokens by completing the saga Three's Company repeatedly, winning enough Dungeoneering token boxes, or by buying them from Vic the trader using credits bought with bonus experience. Due to the addition of the elite dungeons it is now also possible to get Dungeoneering tokens by raiding the Temple of Aminishi, the Dragonkin Laboratory or the Shadow Reef. 5,000 tokens (500 tokens on story mode) are awarded per killed miniboss/boss, making this a fast alternative to the traditional methods of acquiring tokens.

When a player has a bonecrusher present in their pocket slot, inventory, or tool belt, all bones defined by the bonecrusher's settings dropped by monster kills, or obtained from hunting, will be automatically converted into Prayer experience. It should be noted that the bonecrusher does not have any effect on ashes dropped from demonic beings, with the exception being Death Spawn, which are associated with killing Nechryaels, giving 12.5 experience per Death Spawn killed, for the accursed ashes. The bonecrusher also does not auto-bury the special long and curved bones that can be exchanged for Construction experience and coins in Dorgesh-Kaan.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Upon purchasing the bonecrusher, it will not destroy any bones until the player has selected their settings. This can be done by left-clicking the bonecrusher and choosing what bones will be crushed.

The item needs only to be present in the player's inventory, worn in the pocket slot, or in the slayer belt for it to take effect, and may be found useful if players have a tendency to leave bones on the ground and not bury them. When a monster is killed that drops a selected bone while the bonecrusher is carried, Prayer experience is rewarded in a way similar to Slayer experience (with bones missing from the drops), with no animation or anything similar occurring. This means that this item won't slow players down at all compared to leaving bones on the ground. The bonecrusher has no effect on drops when it is left in the bank and will not work if LootShare or CoinShare is active, or in PvP activities.

The bonecrusher can be added to the slayer belt by learning how to from a Slayer master at a cost of 500 Slayer points. Once on the slayer belt it cannot be removed, however the settings menu can still be accessed via the tool belt.

If a monster drops more than one bone, such as bloodveld or jogres often do, all dropped bones that are selected to be crushed will be converted to prayer experience; the rest will appear on the ground as usual, as a separate drop. Also, long or curved bones will not be buried by the bonecrusher, as these are a separate drop too.

Bones dropped as notes, like those dropped by cyclopes in the Warriors' Guild when using multi-token mode, are not affected by the bonecrusher.

The (attuned) ectoplasmator is the equivalent of the bonecrusher for ghost-like creatures, and monsters that drop ashes.

The bonecrusher can be used together with the twisted bird necklace, split dragontooth necklace, demon horn necklace, Corruption aura, Salvation aura or Harmony aura to regain Prayer points.

Bonecrusher upgrade[edit | edit source]

The bonecrusher can be upgraded by Boni on Waiko for 25,000 chimes and 25 taijitu. The upgraded bonecrusher, often called the "bonepicker", has an option (Bone collector: Auto-pickup) to toggle picking-up bones that aren't marked for crushing (instead of leaving them on the floor). The bones are placed into the inventory unnoted, so this is best combined with magic notepaper or a pack yak with scrolls to keep the bones.

This functionality is similar to the charming imp, with the options of destroy for experience or place into inventory - except the bonepicker allows the 'Auto-pickup' option to be disabled to leave them on the floor.

The bonecrusher upgrade is not a new item - buying it merely unlocks a new option on the existing bonecrusher settings interface: Bone collector - Auto-pickup.

It is worth noting that wearing a drop modifier item that changes unnoted bone drops to noted, such as the Fremennik sea boots 4 for the Dagannoth Kings, will take precedence over the bonepicker leaving the bones on the ground.

Bones[edit | edit source]

Normal bones[edit | edit source]

Bones Cost XP granted GP/XP
Bones.png: Inventory image of BonesBones 194 4.5 -43.11
Big bones.png: Inventory image of Big bonesBig bones 169 15 -11.27
Jogre bones.png: Inventory image of Jogre bonesJogre bones 1,393 15 -92.87
Zogre bones.png: Inventory image of Zogre bonesZogre bones 742 22.5 -32.98
Ourg bones.png: Inventory image of Ourg bonesOurg bones 18,437 140 -131.69
Ourg bones (General Graardor).png: Inventory image of Ourg bones (General Graardor)Ourg bones 7,621 140 -54.44
Airut bones.png: Inventory image of Airut bonesAirut bones 6,231 132.5 -47.03

Animal bones[edit | edit source]

Bones Cost XP granted GP/XP
Bat bones.png: Inventory image of Bat bonesBat bones 929 5.3 -175.28
Wolf bones.png: Inventory image of Wolf bonesWolf bones 1,151 4.5 -255.78
Monkey bones.png: Inventory image of Monkey bonesMonkey bones 166 5 -33.2
Dagannoth bones.png: Inventory image of Dagannoth bonesDagannoth bones 5,727 125 -45.82

Dragon bones[edit | edit source]

Bones Cost XP granted GP/XP
Baby dragon bones.png: Inventory image of Baby dragon bonesBaby dragon bones 800 30 -26.67
Dragon bones.png: Inventory image of Dragon bonesDragon bones 1,952 72 -27.11
Frost dragon bones.png: Inventory image of Frost dragon bonesFrost dragon bones 11,140 180 -61.89
Wyvern bones.png: Inventory image of Wyvern bonesWyvern bones 3,854 50 -77.08
Hardened dragon bones.png: Inventory image of Hardened dragon bonesHardened dragon bones 8,075 144 -56.08
Reinforced dragon bones.png: Inventory image of Reinforced dragon bonesReinforced dragon bones 14,530 190 -76.47

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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SellerLocationCostCurrencyBase stockMembers?
MarmarosDaemonheim34,000Dungeoneering token.png Dungeoneering tokensF2P icon.png
WythienPrifddinas34,000Dungeoneering token.png Dungeoneering tokensP2P icon.png

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 28 May 2019 (Update):.
    • It is no longer possible to buy duplicate Advance gold accumulators, Herbicides, Bonecrushers or Charming imps if you have them stored on your toolbelt.
  • patch 29 April 2019 (Update):
    • The upgraded bonecrusher will now correctly loot all bones if more than one is received at a time.
  • update 21 April 2010 (Update):
    • Dungeoneering reward items have had their costs reduced to a more suitable amount. Anyone who has already bought any of these items will find they have been refunded the difference in reward tokens.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Bonecrusher used to cost 110,000 Dungeoneering tokens before the update on 21 April 2010.
  • On 27 May 2014, it became possible to equip this item in the pocket slot. However, it can still bury bones even if it isn't equipped.
  • On 8 June 2015, it became possible to add this item to the Tool belt.
  • The bonecrusher will not work when killing the monster in the Wise Old Man's house.
  • The bonecrusher will not work when killing mice while using the Shrink-me-quick potion during the Grim Tales quest.