Neitiznot Supplies

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Neitiznot Supplies is a crafting shop that sells crafting supplies, with the exception of chisels and moulds. It is run by Jofridr Mordstatter. It is located in central Neitiznot. There is a nearby Bank chest in the same building, making buying and selling the balls of wool and thread a quick and profitable endeavor.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Knife.png: Neitiznot Supplies sells 10 of Knife for 25 and buys them for 7Knife1025Coins 25.png7Coins 5.png151Coins 100.png1,260Coins 1000.png
Hammer.png: Neitiznot Supplies sells 10 of Hammer for 13 and buys them for 3Hammer1013Coins 5.png3Coins 3.png319Coins 250.png3,060Coins 1000.png
Thread.png: Neitiznot Supplies sells 1000 of Thread for 4 and buys them for 1Thread1,0004Coins 4.png1Coins 1.png19Coins 5.png15,000Coins 10000.png
Needle.png: Neitiznot Supplies sells 10 of Needle for 1 and buys them for 1Needle101Coins 1.png1Coins 1.png15Coins 5.png140Coins 100.png
Bronze nails.png: Neitiznot Supplies sells 10 of Bronze nails for 7 and buys them for 1Bronze nails107Coins 5.png1Coins 1.png6Coins 5.png-10Coins 5.png
Bronze hatchet.png: Neitiznot Supplies sells 10 of Bronze hatchet for 840 and buys them for 25Bronze hatchet10840Coins 250.png25Coins 25.png1,573Coins 1000.png7,330Coins 1000.png
Ball of wool.png: Neitiznot Supplies sells 100 of Ball of wool for 5 and buys them for 1Ball of wool1005Coins 5.png1Coins 1.png1,044Coins 1000.png103,900Coins 10000.png