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This article is about the mechanic. For other uses, see Weight (disambiguation).
Carrying less weight allows players to run for a longer period of time.
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The weight of items refers to how heavy they are, and is measured in kilograms (kg). Every item has a weight, although it may be zero (for example, stackable items) or even negative, such as the boots of lightness. Weight is stored as grams, holding 3 points of precision when converted to kilograms.

Players can see the total weight of the items they are carrying on the Equipment Stats screen from the Worn Equipment interface. This will include items they have equipped as well as those carried in the inventory. Many nonstackable items weigh fractions of a kilogram, but the Equipment Stats screen truncates (does not show the decimal portion), so these may appear as zero even though they have some slight weight.

Effects of weight[edit | edit source]

Carrying more weight causes energy to decrease more quickly. The minimum possible rate of energy loss while running is 0.7 %/tick (when your weight is 0 kg or less), while the maximum possible rate of energy loss is 1.4 %/tick. The rate of decrease of energy per kilogram has been empirically found to be 0.00729166 ± 0.00000004 %/tick/kg, that is, for every kg of weight you add on, the rate of energy loss increases by approximately 0.00729166 %/tick. However, for any given weight, the rate of energy loss is truncated to the nearest hundredth. A consequence of this is that you can carry up to 1.371 kg with exactly the same run energy drain rate as if you were carrying 0 kg.

Players who undertake activities requiring a lot of running around would be well advised to minimise the total weight they carry while doing so, since they will be able to run for longer.

Some activities in RuneScape require players to weigh no more/no less than a certain amount. For example, whilst doing the Pirate Pete part of the Recipe for Disaster quest, players must be carrying no more than 27 kg to dive off Port Khazard. In the quest Temple of Ikov, players must weigh less than 0 kg to cross a bridge, this is just after having received the boots of lightness. Also, in order to use the Balloon transport system, players must be carrying less than 40 kg. To get into Movario's base (during and after While Guthix Sleeps) you need to weigh more than 1 kg.

Extrema[edit | edit source]

Heaviest items[edit | edit source]

This lists only the 30 heaviest items in RuneScape; a complete list of all items can be found here.

Item Weight (kg)
Steel girder.png Steel girder 32
Barrel of naphtha.png Barrel of naphtha 32
Doc's broken dagger.png Doc's broken dagger 32
Naphtha mix (sulphur).png Naphtha mix (sulphur) 32
Ana in a barrel.png Ana in a barrel 32
Barrel bomb (unfused).png Barrel bomb (unfused) 32
Naphtha apple mix.png Naphtha apple mix 32
Doc's cracked orb.png Doc's cracked orb 32
Big rock.png Big rock 32
Crate with zanik.png Crate with zanik 32
Naphtha mix (quicklime).png Naphtha mix (quicklime) 32
Toxic naphtha.png Toxic naphtha 32
Doc's broken shieldbow.png Doc's broken shieldbow 32
Astral token.png Astral token 32
Barrel bomb.png Barrel bomb 32
Doc's rotten timber.png Doc's rotten timber 32
Stone slab.png Stone slab 32
Cannon barrel.png Cannon barrel 32
Aminishi soil.png Aminishi soil 32
Iron girder.png Iron girder 32
Barrel of coal-tar.png Barrel of coal-tar 32
Doc's old clothes.png Doc's old clothes 32
Broken cannon.png Broken cannon 32
Sandstone (32kg).png Sandstone (32kg) 32
Gold helmet.png Gold helmet 31.751
Golden goblin.png Golden goblin 30
Bundle o' kegs.png Bundle o' kegs 30
Smelly crate.png Smelly crate 30
Full crate.png Full crate 30
Stone of power.png Stone of power 30

Heaviest item per slot (members)[edit | edit source]

Item Slot Weight (kg)
Gold helmet.png Gold helmet Head 31.751
Diving apparatus.png Diving apparatus Cape 10
Seal of passage.png Seal of passage Neck 4.535
Large rune pouch (purple).png Large rune pouch (purple) Ammo 1
Crate with zanik.png Crate with zanik Two-hand 32
Granite body.png Granite body Body 22.679
Granite legs.png Granite legs Leg 15.875
Penguin gloves.png Penguin gloves Hand 4.535
Lucky Bandos boots.png Lucky Bandos boots Feet 6
Victor's bronze ring.png Victor's bronze ring Ring 0.453
Statue collection bag.png Statue collection bag Pocket 10

Heaviest item per slot (free-to-play)[edit | edit source]

Item Slot Weight (kg)
Five barrels.png Five barrels Head 22.679
Pathfinder cape.png Pathfinder cape Cape 1.814
Manspeak amulet.png Manspeak amulet Neck 1.36
Wicked pouch.png Wicked pouch Ammo 1
Stone of power.png Stone of power Two-hand 30
Adamant platebody (h2).png Adamant platebody (h2) Body 11.339
Adamant platelegs (t).png Adamant platelegs (t) Leg 10.432
Penguin gloves.png Penguin gloves Hand 4.535
Penguin feet.png Penguin feet Feet 4.535
Victor's bronze ring.png Victor's bronze ring Ring 0.453
Challenge shard.png Challenge shard Pocket 0.907

Lightest item per slot (members)[edit | edit source]

Item Slot Weight (kg)
Exoskeleton headband.png Exoskeleton headband Head -2
Wicked cape.png Wicked cape Cape -6
Agile top.png Agile top Body -12
Agile legs.png Agile legs Leg -10
Penance gloves.png Penance gloves Hand -7
Boots of lightness.png Boots of lightness Feet -4.535

Lightest item per slot (free-to-play)[edit | edit source]

Item Slot Weight (kg)
Silver athlete's hat.png Silver athlete's hat Head -0.907
Death ethereal body.png Death ethereal body Body -10
Infinity ethereal legs.png Infinity ethereal legs Leg -8
Silver athlete's gloves.png Silver athlete's gloves Hand -0.907
Silver athlete's shoes.png Silver athlete's shoes Feet -0.907

A small number of free items are with zero weight but some of them are with "fake" zero weight, that will increase energy loss rate while running even if the equipment screen shows 0 kg otherwise.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Processing many of the items changes the weight of them not according to the real world, for example: an inventory of 14 bowstrings and 14 yew longbows (u) weighs 7 kg more than their combined product of 14 yew longbows (actual stringing of a bow would reduce little to no weight), however some cases follow an actual model, like a steel platebody weighs less than the five steel bars used to make it, as scrap metal is disposed in smithing armour.
  • Sometimes RuneScape item weights are unrealistic - for example, the cannonball, which is stackable, weighs 0 kg, when one would expect it to be quite heavy. This is presumably so that the Dwarf multicannon is easier to use. There is also another rather amusing factor - no matter how many Coins you carry in your inventory - which can be great in amount - you can never increase your weight, which will stay the same. However, this could be due to the very inherent magical nature of Gielinor itself, or just a measure of exchanging cash into convenient forms like cheques in the real world.
  • There once was a glitch that activated weight-lowering items without having to wear them. A player could have a full inventory of spottier capes and weigh about -126 kg. The glitch is now fixed.
  • Once a group of armour components are compressed as a set at the Grand Exchange, the set weighs 0 kg, instead of the combined weight of the individual pieces. This could be because of the fact that a compressed set acts like a note containing all the items of the set.
  • The weights of some categories of items seem to indicate that they are or were in the past stored in pounds, instead of kilograms. Batwing legs, for example, weigh exactly 0.453 kg, which is (to the nearest thousandth) exactly the number of kilograms in one pound. Other armours and metals have weights which are near multiples of 0.453 kg, which means that their weights are also very nearly whole numbers of pounds.
  • The kilogram is actually not a unit of weight, but a unit of mass. These terms are often confused; see, for example, the Wikipedia article on "Mass versus weight".