Dialogue for Mysterious ghost (Rennard)

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Talking to Mysterious Ghost (Rennard)[edit | edit source]

  • (without ghostly gloves)
    • Player: I lost those gloves you gave me... Can I have some more please?
      • Mysterious Ghost: It seems as though the curse that keeps me here extends to my very clothing...
        • Mysterious Ghost: Here, take them, some evil power returned them to me...
  • (with ghostly gloves)
    • Player: Hello again Rennard.
      • Mysterious Ghost: Ah, it be you again! What can I do fer ya?
        • Player: Can you tell me where I can find Kharrim again?
          • Mysterious Ghost: Kharrim the messenger... The last I heard of that weasel, he claimed he'd found treasure in the depths of a veritable maze of lava, guarded by demons and knights of chaos.
            • Mysterious Ghost: Sounds like another of his scams, but if you know of such a place, that's where I'd start.
              • Player: Okay, well I'll try and find him for you then.