Dragonkin artefact 1

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Dragonkin artefact 1 is used in the fight against the Queen Black Dragon. Once the Queen Black Dragon reaches the threshold of 75,000 lifepoints, the Queen Black Dragon will become immune to damage until the artefact is activated. The Queen Black Dragon will spit out giant worms until this artefact is activated. Once the fight is completed, the platform that the first artefact is on raises up, exposing the stairs that can be used to enter the rewards chamber.

The artefacts were created by Kerapac to protect and imprison the Queen Black Dragon.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Kerapac, "Fourth dragonkin journal", RuneScape. "Despite being a failure of a dragonkin, she has a degree of raw power that may yet prove useful. I have stored her deep underground, restrained and protected by magical artefacts I have created. They are both her shield and her prison, keeping her in a magical state of slumber with a protective field to fend off intruders."