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Ur-tag is the current elected head of the cave goblins. Unlike most societies in RuneScape, no single figure rules over all the Dorgeshuun, and Ur-tag is merely the head of the elected council.

He can be found in northern Dorgesh-Kaan, in the upstairs section.

He is one of the cave goblins that can give the player the permission to sell food to Gourmets in the Dorgesh-Kaan market trading minigame.

History[edit | edit source]

Human Discovery[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Lost Tribe.

In year 169 of the Fifth Age, the Dorgeshuun miners led by Mistag accidentally tunneled into the cellar of Lumbridge Castle while following a seam of iron. Realising that they had dug into a human structure, and believing the wars to be ongoing in the surface, they quickly sealed off the tunnel in fear, but were spotted by a citizen of Lumbridge in the process. Duke Horacio, who was skeptical that the suspects were goblins, commissioned an adventurer to investigate, where they discovered Mistag and his miners. They were able to perform the Goblin Bow after learning it from General Wartface.

The adventurer returned with news that the suspects were goblins but had no ill intentions. Horacio told them that his silverware was stolen, and believing it to be the work of the goblins, told them that he would declare war unless it was returned. The adventurer discovered that his advisor, Sigmund, had stolen the silverware to frame the goblins. Horacio proceeded to fire Sigmund on the spot and told the adventurer to return to the Dorgeshuun with a peace treaty. The adventurer returned to Mistag with the treaty, who then summoned Ur-tag from the city so he could meet Horacio.

Opening Up[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Death to the Dorgeshuun.

Despite the treaty, Ur-tag and the other members were scared of the surface world and did not allow for much trade between the city and Lumbridge. Along with the other council members, he recommended Zanik to investigate the surface world on their behalf to investigate the H.A.M cult and explore Lumbridge. Zanik was assisted by the adventurer, who showed them around the town and brought them to the H.A.M hideout, where Zanik learned of a plan by the cult to flood Dorgesh-Kaan.

With the adventurer's aid, they were able to foil the plot and returned to the mines, where Ur-tag greeted the two. He told her that the decision to open up the city was in her hands. Zanik stated that the surface world was not as bad as they thought it to be, and that without the adventurer, the H.A.M cult would have flooded their home. Due to Zanik's positive comments, Ur-tag opened up the city to the rest of the surface.

Archaeology[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Another Slice of H.A.M..

The increased activity eventually caught the attention of the dwarves, who sent Ambassador Alvijar to establish a relationship with the Dorgeshuun. Ur-tag and Alvijar negotiated the construction of a train system to link the two cities for even more trade. During construction however, the Dorgeshuun discovered artefacts dating thousands of years ago, putting construction to a halt. The Dorgeshuun had a lack of archaeological experience however, and were worried they could damage the artefacts. Alvijar voiced his complaints about the delay, but Ur-tag insisted on clearing everything out from the tunnel, believing that not excavating them would be a crime.

The adventurer, who stumbled onto their conversation, offered to assist the archaeological efforts. Both men agreed, and the adventurer taught the Dorgeshuun how to excavate the artefacts, allowing for the tunnel to complete on time. Sigmund attempted to use the tunnel to kill Zanik in the hopes that the Dorgeshuun and dwarves would to go war, but his plot was foiled once again by the adventurer. Zanik told Ur-tag of the ordeal, who in turn thanked the adventurer and told them to keep the mace as a reward.

Panic[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Chosen Commander.

With Dorgesh-Kaan open to human trade, some of the children from the local nursery fell sick while eating surface foods during a trip to the market. The adventurer, along with Captain Undak, apprehended a undercover H.A.M. agent who had poisoned the children. Ur-tag watched as Zanik killed the agent before he and the rest of the council could extradite him to the surface authorities, upon which he agreed with his fellow council members to banish Zanik from the city.

When Bandos' avatar discovered the city and demanded the Dorgeshuun return to him or be destroyed, Ur-tag and the others decided to rescind Zanik's banishment. Zanik and the adventurer destroyed the avatar, saving the city from Bandos' grasp. Ur-tag later held a gathering in which he unveiled a statue of Zanik and the adventurer. He thanked the adventurer for their curiosity, as it gave the Dorgeshuun a powerful lesson that they had once forgotten; curiosity.

More Troubles[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Mighty Fall.

When the gods returned to Gielinor, Sliske demanded that the gods go to battle to claim the Stone of Jas. Bandos took the opportunity to attack his rival, Armadyl, commencing a series of events which culminated in Bandos' death. Bandos' followers, after purging the humans that had recently joined them, then decided to attack the Dorgeshuun, believing that their defiance had cost their god his life due to losing a massive amount of power.

An alarmed Ur-tag was notified of the invasion attempt and the adventurer, who had come to check in on him, learned of the attack. As the army approached, the Dorgeshuun collapsed an entrance leading to the city, upon which he began preparations for a large-scale evacuation. He asked the adventurer to stall the leaders, who managed to do so by forcing a Kyzaj tournament to commence by taking advantage of Graardor's lack of intelligence.

In the end, the adventurer managed to cancel the invasion by winning the tournament. If they killed Zanik, Ur-tag becomes upset with their decision; while he still thanks them for saving the city, he finds it hard to believe they would kill Zanik and promptly tells them to leave. If spared, Ur-tag thanks them nonetheless, but is upset that he will not be able to see Zanik anymore. Regardless, he is unaware of Zanik's return later on due to the restrictions imposed on her by Icthlarin.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Predecessor Title Successor
Ur-lesh Ruler of Dorgesh-Kaan Incumbent

Update history[edit | edit source]

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