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Zealheart was a goblin that lived sometime during the Second or Third Ages.

Hailing from the Dorgeshuun tribe, Zealheart (originally an unnamed goblin at the time) was sent to Warforge to train and become a strong goblin. She had spent ten years at Warforge, training hard to appease Bandos. She was relatively successful in her training, having been named the crucible champion several times. She was nearing graduation from the facility when Bandos called her into his private sanctum and went on a tirade; she was fearful that Bandos would smite her, but soon learned that Bandos simply wanted to improve the goblin race by making them stronger, faster and deadlier.[1]

Zealheart then suggested the Narogoshuun game of Hob-da-Gob; a version of dodgeball in which goblins were split up into two teams, throwing balls at each other; if one was hit, they were eliminated. Bandos agreed with the idea, although she modified it by making the ball even larger and deadlier.

Following this successful game, Bandos ordered Zealheart to talk to the other goblin tribes and use their traditions as training sessions. Zealheart complied and talked with the Rekeshuun champion, who suggested a tether game that involved two goblins which was meant to built teamwork. When she suggested it to Bandos, she was nearly stomped, so Zealheart and the Rekeshuun champion modified the game to be extremely deadly, this time using four goblins with sharpened rods. The first game caused numerous deaths, with the winning team having lost two of their own members in the process, which concerned her.[2]

Not wishing to invoke Bandos' anger again, Zealheart then spoke with the Ekeleshuun tribe, who wore silly masks to scare off the enemy. Knowing that Bandos would not approve of the game in its current state, she modified the tradition by having the masks comically enlarged, with the visages of Armadyl, Saradomin and Zamorak. Though this silly game was nowhere near as deadly as Bandos expected, he tolerated as he understood the intention behind it.[3] Zealheart herself was relieved as few goblins had died in this game, as they couldn't see as easily, making them less likely to kill each other.

Zealheart then spoke with the Idithuun tribe, noticing Longhorn taking care of his nosorogs. Zealheart was aware of how many goblins an enraged nosorog could kill, though it clearly loved Bandos. She then implemented a game in which the goblins threw rings on the nosorog's horn in a set order, and they would win once the combination was created; the goblins could not kill or attack it. Though she was fearful that Bandos would take it as an insult, he said nothing about it.[4]

Eventually she ran out of ideas, having spoken to all of the goblin tribes and using their traditions as war training. Bandos then called her once more; although the start of the conversation was met with silence, Bandos then stated that she was a true goblin and named her Zealheart for both her devotion and love towards him. Bandos then revealed that the games Zealheart made were part of a test; although he generally disliked intelligent goblins, he made an exception for her, and imbued her with magic that made her stronger. Bandos then ordered her to procreate and send her children to Warforge so that they too could become strong; Zealheart agreed, although by this time, she was aware of her god's murderous intentions and hoped that her children could stand up against him and protect their fellow kind.[5] Zealheart's wish was fulfilled by General Bloodfist after hundreds of years had passed.

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