General Bloodfist

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General Bloodfist was the leader of the Dorgeshuun goblin tribe at one point during the God Wars. He was the goblin that led the Dorgeshuun from the control of Bandos.

Since Bandos had taken the goblins from the peaceful world of Yu'biusk, he had used them wastefully, forcing them to fight in battles they could not possibly win simply for his amusement. Millions of goblins died in this way.

The Dorgeshuun tribe was amongst those that suffered this. Bandos eventually declared that they were to fight in a battle that would result in the death of their entire tribe. The Dorgeshuun leader, General Bloodfist, led his tribe away, fleeing to a cave system near modern-day Lumbridge. Here the Dorgeshuun hid for only a short time before Bandos discovered them.

Bloodfist refused to lead his tribe to Bandos's slaughter. Bandos, enraged, smote Bloodfist where he stood, shaking the very earth. The Dorgeshuun, who had been hiding in the cave, were trapped in the ensuing earthquake, leaving them imprisoned beneath the surface. Lieutenant Strongaxe, Bloodfist's second-in-command, would then take over leadership of the Dorgeshuun, and would go on to found Dorgesh-Kaan, which still thrives to the 5th Age.