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This article is about the Dorgeshuun interested in surface food. For the type of impling, see gourmet impling.
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Gourmets are cave goblins to whom players can sell food in the Dorgesh-Kaan market trading minigame. Speak to Lurgon to get permission to sell food. He will send the player to a random council member who will give them permission. Once given permission, the player can sell food to the gourmets.

The player should use any type of food on Lurgon to determine a selling price. Use the price Lurgon gives as a guide. Generally, if the gourmet has a neutral response, sell the food for around the price Lurgon gave. If it's a negative response, try a lower price, and if it's a positive response, try a higher price. The same gourmet won't buy food from the player twice in a row.

Possible responses to food[edit | edit source]

Gourmet's response Reaction
Mmm, that smells good... What is it? Very positive
That smells nice; what is it? Positive
So what's that then? Neutral
Eww, what's that? Negative
Yuck, that looks horrid. What is it? Very negative

Possible responses to the player's price[edit | edit source]

Gourmet's response Player's Price
Don't be absurd - it's clearly not worth that! Way too high - won't buy
That's a bit much for me. Too high - won't buy
Hmm, okay. I'll buy one. Very high
That's fair. I'll take one. High
That sounds like a good deal to me. I'll take two! Optimal
That sounds like a good deal to me. I'll take three! Optimal
That sounds like a great deal to me. I'll take four! Low
That sounds like a great deal to me. I'll take five! Very low
Hmm...if you're selling them that cheaply there must be something wrong with them. I think I'll pass. Too low - won't buy

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  • patch 13 January 2014 (Update):
    • An issue where the text entry for gourmets would not display when entering a selling price for food has been fixed.