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  • Ur-tag: Greetings, surface-dweller. Welcome to Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • Select an option
    • What can I do in the city?
      • Player: What can I do in the city?
      • Ur-tag: Why don't you visit the market? I hear there is quite a craze for surface foods at the moment, so you might be able to sell something there. You might also want to visit the caves to the south of the city. There are many monsters to fight there, and Zanik tells me she has also found ways to cross over their heads!
    • Why did you decide to open the city?
      • Player: Why did you decide to open the city?
      • Ur-tag: For trade, and for fostering goodwill between races! I am sure that it will benefit both our races.
    • If Ur-Tag is the NPC selected to grant permission for food trading
      • May I have permission to sell food in the market?
        • Player: May I have permission to sell food in the market?
        • Ur-tag: Of course you can.
    • I want to talk about the Kyzaj Tournament.
      • Ur-tag: Yes. Thank you again. You did everything you could and we are safer because of it.
      • Select an option
        • How are things going?
          • Ur-tag: I was concerned to hear that Graardor rejected Zanik's authority, but we've not had any trouble. The Bandosians cleared out almost immediately and haven't returned. They don't seem interested in us any more. There's always the possibility that they'll come after us again, but we're working on better ways to block their access.
          • (Shows previous options)
        • What do you think about Zanik?
          • If you spared Zanik
            • Ur-tag: I can only hope that she finds peace on Yu'biusk, one way or the other. Thank you for giving her that opportunity.
            • (Shows previous options)
          • If you killed Zanik
            • (Transcript missing. edit)
        • Goodbye.
          • (Conversation ends)