Transcript of The Mighty Fall journal entry

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  • I can begin this quest by talking to Ur-Tag in Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • I spoke to Ur-Tag who wanted me to speak to the Bandosian leaders in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.
  • I spoke to the Bandosians, whom I've managed to distract with the suggestion of a tournament.
  • I spoke to Ur-Tag and Zanik. They weren't happy about the tournament, but have accepted it.
  • I spoke to Zanik at the remains of Bandos's tower near Goblin Village. She told me that a portal to the arena has been fashioned from the ruins.
  • I met Zarador on Yu'biusk who explained the Kyzaj Tournament to me.
  • I uncovered a plot to assassinate the champions of the Kyzaj Tournament.
  • Zarador charged me with removing all of the humans posing as goblins from the tournament.
  • I have defeated the goblin champion.
  • Zanik confided in me that she doesn’t have much longer to live, but wished me luck for the rest of the tournament.
  • I have bested the troll champion and secured my place in the finals.
  • For the final round of the tournament I will have to wield a strange Bandosian weapon, the Kyzaj.
  • Zanik taught me how to correctly wield the Kyzaj.
  • I chose to defend Zanik, allowing her to take charge of the remaining Bandosians.
  • I've been assured that the Dorgeshuun are free from danger and that the Bandosians are in good hands.