The Mighty Fall

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The Mighty Fall is a master quest featuring the aftermath of Bandos' death. It features a tournament on Yu'biusk between Bandos' followers to decide who will become the new leader of the Bandosian faction, and as such involves a lot of combat. It also features decisions that let the player choose who dies and who becomes the leader of the faction.

A number of well known Bandosian characters make an appearance in the quest, including Zarador, General Graardor, General Wartface, General Bentnoze, Zanik, Dad, Bork and Morningstar's brother Lol. Yelps also makes an appearance and, due to the result of a Power to the Players poll, has the option to be killed.

Official description[edit | edit source]

After the death of Bandos, the Bandosian forces are in disbelief as to how the Big High War God could be defeated by the puny Armadyl. General Graardor has led the army of Bandos to Dorgesh-Kaan looking for revenge against Zanik and the Cave Goblins as he is blaming them for his death. Will you help the Cave Goblins to save their city by taking part in a tournament, and in doing so determine the new leader of the Bandosian forces?

Overview[edit | edit source]

Graardor's march[edit | edit source]

Ur-tag chathead.png

Speak to councillor Ur-tag, who can be found in the north-eastern-most house on the upstairs floor of Dorgesh-Kaan. He will nervously report that an army of goblins, trolls and orks have amassed in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves and are marching on Dorgesh-Kaan, possibly related to the death of Bandos. An earth tremor ensues as Zanik hastily enters the room, stating that General Graardor is approaching and blames them for Bandos' death, and that his army has only temporarily been halted by collapsing the shortcut to the Dorgesh-Kaan mines.

Ur-tag will ask you to negotiate with the Bandosians to avert the disaster while the city is evacuated. Zanik tells you that you will need to use the main entrance to the cavern: the hollow tree in Lumbridge Swamps.

Bandosian congregation[edit | edit source]

Meeting with the Bandosians in the swamp caves

Make your way to the hollow tree any way you wish. From Dorgesh-Kaan, exit the city and follow Mistag to the cellar of Lumbridge Castle, then return to the surface. Alternatively, use Lumbridge Teleport or Lumbridge Home Teleport to get there directly. Go to the hollow tree in the swamp - remember to bring a light source if you haven't got one. Descend into the cave, where you will find yourself amongst many goblins and mountain trolls. These will direct you to the leaders of the army in the eastern part of the cave.

Head east to meet Zarador, Bork, Dad, General Graardor, General Wartface and General Bentnoze. Talk with one of them and go through all the options. The leaders will argue about who should be the new leader, and the player will suggest a candidate. The leaders do not agree and instead will suggest an ancient way to elect the leader: the Kyzaj Tournament. Although Zarador sees right through the Tournament idea as a plot to delay their attack, he allows Zanik to represent the Dorgeshuun. The player declares that they will fight on Zanik's behalf instead, but only as her 'trained attack beast' according to Bork, which you will have no choice but to accept.

Go back to Dorgesh-Kaan and talk to Zanik, who is still with Ur-tag. She will tell you that a portal has opened where the Bandosian Tower once stood.

The return to Yu'biusk[edit | edit source]

The portal to Yu'biusk, built on the ruins of Bandos' Tower.

Head to the remnants of the Bandosian camp near the Goblin Village. If you have one, you could use a Goblin Village sphere teleport you near the tower. Otherwise, it's just as easy to use the Falador lodestone and walk north toward the Goblin Village. At the fork in the road just south of Goblin Village, take the eastern path up the hill, and you'll pass by the dramatic, petrified remains of the Big High War God, Bandos. Standing in front of his remains is a hooded Zanik. Speak with her to learn that it was Bandos who resurrected her (as his 'Chosen Commander') using part of himself, thus she shares some of Bandos' memory. She has grown weaker since Bandos was killed in the second World Event, and feels that she will die soon. She still hopes that you can win the Tournament so that she can lead the Bandosian army somewhere else and save the Dorgeshuun.

Now, enter the portal to travel to Yu'biusk. The Goblin Maitre d' will speak briefly with you, telling you that Zarador is up and around the spiral pathway (see map). Follow the path up the mountain, climb a ladder, walk around Bandos' throne, and talk to Zarador, who will explain the rules of the tournament. There is a bank chest next to Zarador in case you need it.

Meeting with Grubfoot, My Arm and Burntmeat at Your Camp

Head to 'Your Camp' (travel west, descend 2 ladders; see map) and talk to your supporters; Burntmeat, My Arm, and Grubfoot. Eventually a goblin messenger will arrive and announce the details of your first fight (continue the chat dialogue, don't try to talk to him directly). He reveals that your first opponent is Yelps, champion of the goblins. As he speaks, you start noticing correct grammar, complex sentences, and other non-goblin speech that makes you and your friends suspicious. Just before he leaves, he spills the beans by calling Zarador a fool! He then drops the charade to reveal that he is a human infiltrator! He attacks, but is not very strong and should be easy to dispatch (again, just continue with chat dialogue; do not interact with anyone or anything, or you'll be forced to start from the beginning). After you defeat him, you and your supporters will notice a note on his body, revealing an infiltration plan led by a group of banished human Bandosians. Their plan is to win the tournament by poisoning the competitors.

Note: If any problems arise regarding game play during this portion of the quest, you can try:

  • Resetting the dialogue by leaving Yu'biusk and returning to Burntmeat, My Arm, and Grubfoot, continuing through the dialogue as before.
  • Being in a group can keep the quest from progressing, try leaving your group.
  • Performing the combat with the first human infiltrator in legacy combat mode.
Speaking with Zarador.

Go to Zarador to warn him of the plot. He'll demand that you find and kill the 5 remaining human infiltrators by yourself, ending with "try not to kill too many real goblins while you're at it".

Talk to the goblins in every area; you'll need to go through the first two dialogue options with each one you talk with, and if you think he's a human, accuse him of being so. If you guess incorrectly you'll instantly kill him, but guess correctly and he will shed his disguise and attack you. The Human infiltrators have combat levels ranging from 98 to 112. There is no penalty for actually killing every real goblin, but there is extra dialogue with Zarador if you do. Either way, there are five (5) normal goblins and five (5) infiltrators for a total of 10 goblins that can be killed.

Note: You are unable to use certain EoC abilities while at Yu'biusk, so you may consider disabling revolution if you have it enabled.

The human infiltrator-goblins that you are searching for are as follows (see map above):

  • The Goblin Guard south of Zarador, and up the ladder. Climb the ladder, go south-east and he is next to a big chest with a "secret weapon" that he's guarding.
  • The Goblin Guard at the crossroads west of Zarador who is overly terse and concise in his speech.
  • The Goblin Guard in the Troll camp (shown on map as 'Troll Tower') near the Entrance. When you talk to him, he says his name is Trowel.
  • The "Goblin Ork", who is pretending to be an ork in 'Ork Tower', hover-text shows him as 'Goblin ork'.
  • The Goblin Cleaner in the Goblin camp to the west.

Once you've discovered and dealt with all of the Infiltrators, return to Zarador and report.

The kyzaj tournament[edit | edit source]

If you die during the tournament, your gravestone will appear outside the Yu'biusk portal.

When all of the humans are slain you must return to Zarador. He will be ungracious, still blaming you for the human infiltrators. Return to your camp and prepare for the fight, you can bank any forbidden items at the bank chest beside Zarador.

Zarador will explain the rules of the Tournament, specifically, that each round includes a special rule that you must follow. For the first round, you'll be allowed to take in goblin back-up. Of course, you have none, so you are at a distinct disadvantage. You have the option to begin the tournament from this point, or go hold off to prepare. When you are ready, just speak with Zarador again.

Summoning familiars are not allowed in the Kyzaj Tournament.

Yelps[edit | edit source]

Yelps chathead.png
Yelps using his special attack.

Recommended items: Full inventory of the best food you can get, such as sharks or rocktails. Super restore potions to recharge your Defence and Prayer levels as they are drained. Saradomin brews are NOT recommended. Emergency teleport options can be used to avoid death.

Note: If you use the Revolution combat mode, it is highly advised to disable it while at Yu'biusk, as some abilities are unavailable, and will therefore cause your player to pause during fighting, essentially rendering you a sitting duck to opponents.

Your first fight will be against Yelps, the goblin champion, and former host of the Squeal of Fortune.

Per this round's special rules, Yelps will have goblin bodyguards aiding him in battle. Your defence rating will be reduced by fifteen (15) until you've killed the first set of bodyguards. The first set of bodyguards will have 20,000 lifepoints, and subsequent bodyguards will have 10,000. While they are active, Yelps will take only minimal damage from you, so you'll need to defeat them before attacking him. However, when the bodyguards have been defeated, you'll be able to consistently damage Yelps with hits of 10,000 (12,000 for critical strikes). He has 200,000 life points, so it will be important to take advantage of these special tournament mechanics to deal damage to him.

Periodically, Yelps will engage in a (quite annoying) special attack, in which he squeals, "WOOOHOOO, Extra spin for the win!", while spinning around and dealing bursts of damage to you if you're within his range. He teleports five times during this lengthy special attack, throwing coins at his next teleport location (this gives you a moment to run away if he's about to teleport near you).

Potential Strategies

The trick for this battle is to stick to the edge of the fighting platform, thus avoiding as much damage from his special attacks as possible. While he's not using his special attack, he can sometimes be blocked using his bodyguards. Take them out as quickly as possible, and when they're gone, unleash all that you have on him.

Tactics that take advantage of increased damage are very beneficial in this fight, including Soul Split and the special attack of the Saradomin godsword, which will heal much more than they originally do. If Soul Split cannot be used, then Protect from Melee or Deflect Melee are recommended to halve all non-ability damage from both Yelps and bodyguards.

You may use an emergency teleport option such as the ectophial or luck of the Dwarves to avoid death, and therefore have safe practise runs to get a feel for things. Surprisingly, this won't affect the quest, and you'll be able to restart the round by speaking to Zarador, as if nothing had happened.

After defeating Yelps, you can choose to kill or spare him. If he's spared he'll give you an expired spin ticket, and a coin pouch containing 73,105 coins. If you choose to kill him, these rewards will be available from Yelps's chest, in the Goblin camp.

You'll next appear back in front of Zarador, who will be surprised at your victory. You will then speak to Zanik back in Goblin Village.

Note: It is advised to replenish your health and prayer points before the next round of the tournament. You may use the cooking pot in Your Camp (health) and Bandos' Remains (prayer), next to Zanik.

Lol[edit | edit source]

Lol chathead.png

Once you've spoken with Zanik, ensure you've replenished your prayer points, health, and other levels, and return to Zarador.

Zarador will inform you that your next fight is against Lol, the troll champion, the brother of Morningstar and the uncle of Baby Troll.

Suggested items: Stat-boosting potions such as overloads, extreme potions, or super potions, prayer potions, Enhanced Excalibur (or another good weapon), and lots of good food. During the fight, Lol will be protected from ranged and magic, so the use of melee is suggested.

Forbidden items: You cannot wear armour, including auras, pocket items, and jewellery. Additionally, non-combat items including the ectophial, crystal teleport seed, etc. are also forbidden (although teleport runes are still allowed). To check which items you cannot bring in, talk to Grubfoot in your camp, and he will tell you of all the disallowed items you have equipped or in your inventory, or just try to start the battle.

When you are ready, speak with Zarador again to enter the fight.

Lol throws a big rock at you.

Lol will remain stationary in the middle of the arena for the duration of this fight. Every few seconds, he yells "ME SMASH YOU WIF BIG ROCK" (a dialogue also appears above your character, warning you to move). When this happens, you should quickly move out of the way, and continue attacking him. If the rocks hit you directly, you'll take around 1400-1700 points of damage.

An additional challenge in this round is introduced as the rocks that Lol throws remain on the field. Every 4-5 of his rock throws will trigger the existing rocks to explode, dealing heavy damage if you're too close to them. Regardless of your proximity to the explosions, you'll still take at least 860 points of damage when they explode.

Note: You are able to destroy the rocks while they're on the ground, but you'll take some damage in the process. Doing this doesn't really benefit you, unless you have no other safe places to avoid the big blasts.

Potential Strategies

Use Protect/Deflect from Missiles, as Lol's main attack uses ranged.

On paper, this round isn't particularly difficult; it's more of an endurance round than anything. You'll take a lot of damage during the fight, but if you keep your health up, it's manageable. The main trick is to continuously deal damage to Lol, while avoiding his large rocks and their periodic explosions.

The best strategy is to attack Lol until he yells about throwing his big rock. When he does, just run a few paces clockwise (or anticlockwise) around him, and continue attacking him. When the rocks on the ground begin flashing orange, retreat to the edge of the arena until they explode. You'll take some damage each time, but it'll be much less than a direct hit.

Repeat the process until you emerge victorious.

Note: Some players may prefer to use a halberd, as it gives them extra space from the exploding rocks. Lol is stationary throughout the fight. This also means Slaughter is not recommended for this fight since Lol takes no extra damage and this ability takes time to activate.

Once you've defeated Lol, choose either to kill or spare him, and then return to Zarador.

General Graardor[edit | edit source]

General Graardor chathead.png

Speak with Zarador, and he will reveal that he is impressed with you, and that you've reminded him that being Bandosian isn't merely about the strong killing the weak, but also the strong fighting the strong; and that Bandos wasn't a god of vengeance. He will then give you a weapon you have no understanding of, known as the Kyzaj, after which the tournament is named. He will inform you that you must use it in the final fight, which will be against the champion of the ourgs, none other than General Graardor himself.

Zanik uses Bandos' memories to teach you how to wield the Kyzaj.

He advises learning how to use the weapon before starting the fight. Return to Zanik and she will recall Bandos' memories, explaining the history of the weapon and teaching you how to wield and use it.

Note: If the Kyzaj disappears from your inventory after teleporting, just retrieve it from Zarador and use the portal to depart Yu'iusk instead. There is also a bug where it will disappear the moment it is placed in your inventory after ending dialogue with Zarador. Just ask Zarador for another.

When you are ready, head back to Zarador and speak with him to begin the final battle.

Rules for this round: You may not bring in your own weapons (you must use the Kyzaj, a tier 70 weapon), and prayer is disabled. You may equip armour and jewellery, although runes and non-combat items (excluding food) are forbidden. The Kyzaj will automatically equip itself once the fight starts; you will not be able to equip it beforehand.

General Graardor strikes the centre of the arena, creating a shockwave.

Graardor attacks exclusively with melee, using his own Kyzaj to attack instead of his fists like he usually does. He has several attacks, some more powerful than others:

  • He will occasionally raise his Kyzaj to his side and use a sweeping attack, dealing 40% of your maximum life points. The animation he uses for this interrupts any other animations, making it easy to spot.
  • Graardor will periodically smash the centre of the platform, causing a large shock wave. The damage caused by these blasts is unavoidable, but is reduced with distance from the centre of the arena. Compared to his other attacks, the damage is fairly minimal, at around 1000-1200 damage at the centre.

Both of these attacks have separate cooldown times, meaning the player must be constantly on guard.

Graardor has another set of abilities to be mindful of:

  • You should avoid staying under him for too long or running through him, as you may be stomped on and stunned. Again, this deals 40% of your maximum life points. This coupled with damage from other attacks can quickly prove fatal.
  • At approximately every fifth of his health, he will shout "GLORY TO BANDOS!" and break off a part of the outer ring of the arena. If you are caught in this attack, you will be dealt another 40% of your maximum life points, and any abilities you were performing will be cancelled.
Potential Strategies

Recommended items: For this battle, you should use Saradomin brew flasks, coupled with super restore flasks. Restoration Portents may also be used, though Degradation Portents are ineffective against Graardor. It is imperative to be able to heal yourself as much as possible throughout the fight, and Saradomin Brew flasks effectively yield 6,000 points of healing each.

This is a very involved and intimidating battle, due to the potential to be dealt large amounts of damage in a short period of time. The best and overarching strategy is to be very mindful of your health, and to keep moving throughout the fight.

A simple, yet effective strategy is to remain in the central portion of the arena, moving out of the way when Graardor swings his weapon at you (you'll only need to move a minimum of one (1) square to avoid being hit). Immediately, this prevents you from being stomped on and damaged when Graardor starts destroying the arena. With these threats out of the way, all you'll have to do is watch for when he swings his Kyzaj. Be very aware of when he does; you'll only have about a second to react and move out of the way once you see him raise it.

Using this method of staying in the centre of the platform, you'll necessarily be dealt the full amount of damage when he performs his shockwave attack, but the damage dealt with this is minimal compared to his other special attacks. Two sips of Saradomin Brew will be enough to recover from it.

There will likely be times that you are unable to move out of the way of his swinging attack, and this will often be either preceded or followed by his shockwave attack. At most, the recovery from the combination of both of these attacks will use one (1) Saradomin Brew flask, and a few sips of a Super Restore flask. The cooldown between his special attacks is enough to be able to spam-click your potions until you've replenished your health and move out of the way of his next swing.

His base attacks don't pose much of a problem, so if you're running low on health just focus on spam-clicking your potions until you're comfortable. Remember to restore your stats using a few sips of Super Restore after using Saradomin Brews, and you should be fine.

Additional tips:

  • Some players find overloads, the vampyrism aura, and the scrimshaw of vampyrism helpful with reducing food/brew consumption during the battle.
  • Some players may prefer alternative armour to higher-tier options, and may instead find effective a leviathan ring or the wearing pieces of the Saradomin or Zamorak warpriest armour.
  • The sign/portent of life is advised for Hardcore Ironmen and Ironwomen, but can only be used once per hour of in-game time.
  • As always, lag in this battle may prove disastrous. This can be minimised by using a world server near your location, or with a ping of 100 or below.
  • If you're still having problems, Graardor is MUCH easier on Legacy mode. This one change can turn him from an insurmountable obstacle to an almost trivial feat.

The rightful Bandosian leader[edit | edit source]

Zarador throws Zanik into the Arena.

When you have defeated Graardor, Zarador will call off the fight before you can kill him. In a dramatic turn-of-events, it is revealed that he has captured Zanik. He then throws her into the arena and gives you two choices:

  • Slay Zanik, forfeiting the tournament to the victory of General Graardor who would become leader of the Bandosians. This also proves yourself a true Bandosian before the assembled horde, as well as ending the feud between the cave goblins and Bandosian armies.


  • Spare Zanik, allowing her to rule the horde with Graardor as her lieutenant, which would also end the feud between the cave goblins and Bandosians.

(The subsequent appearance of your Kyzaj depends on your decision to kill or spare Zanik; you receive the Bloodied kyzaj if you kill her or the Honourable kyzaj if you spare her. These can be freely exchanged after the quest.)

Zanik hugs you after sparing her.

If you choose to spare Zanik, she will hug you and give a (long-rehearsed) speech to the assembled Bandosians, proclaiming that they must stop making futile attacks on weaklings, and instead remain on Yu'biusk to reinhabit it and test their strength. Zarador will be impressed with her speech, but Graardor will refuse her leadership, returning to the God Wars Dungeon to continue the search for the Godsword. Zarador will tell you to say your farewells to Zanik. Zanik will tell you that being on Yu'biusk is making her feel stronger instead of weaker, and that she plans to lead the Bandosians through Yu'biusk to try and find a habitable place to live, or die trying. She will also ask you to go back to Dorgesh-Kaan and tell Ur-tag that the city is safe, and to wish him the best.

The player kills Zanik.

If you choose to kill Zanik, you will be disqualified from the tournament and General Graardor will be declared the leader of the Bandosians. Zarador, however will still honour the results of the tournament, saying that you are the strongest among them, and a true warrior of Bandos. Zarador will tell you that he will remain on Yu'biusk, as it is his home, and he will tell you to go and speak to Graardor before you leave. Graardor can be found to the south-west, up the ladder and at the first bank spot to the west. He will tell you that he is happy with your decision, declaring that he will beat you 'next time', as he was 'just having a bad day'. He will also tell you that he no longer plans to "smash the cave weaklings" as Zanik is dead and they will probably die on their own anyway. He concludes that he will return to the Temple of the Lost Ancients to continue his search for the Godsword, hoping to use it to kill the other gods for the glory of Bandos.

Return to Dorgesh-Kaan to tell Ur-tag that the Bandosians have called off the attack. Depending on your decision regarding Zanik, he will either be upset with you for the loss of Zanik, or saddened that she has left, hoping that she finds peace on Yu'biusk. Either way, he will be pleased the attack is called off and will reward you.

Congratulations, quest complete!

Audio options icon.png
Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Mighty Fall reward.png
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

The Mighty Fall is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

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Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 17 February 2020 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue that stopped players completing The Mighty Fall.
  • patch 4 November 2019 (Update):
    • Lol's tooltip now says chosen champion instead of acting champion on round 2 in the tournament board.
  • patch 1 June 2015 (Update):
    • The combat version of the kyzaj used in The Mighty Fall's tournament's final round can no longer be smuggled out via the new Death inventory.
  • patch 1 November 2014 (Update):
    • A typo in the Mighty Fall quest journal has been corrected.
  • patch 15 September 2014 (Update):
    • Lol’s rock throwing animation during The Mighty Fall quest has been corrected.
  • patch 23 June 2014 (Update):
    • Players may now reclaim The Mighty Fall's reward book from Zarador.
    • Players can no longer obtain multiple Kyzaj during the Mighty Fall quest.
  • patch 9 June 2014 (Update):
    • An issue with Yelps' spin attack animation not displaying as intended has been corrected.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon completion of this quest the adventurer's log states: "I fought in a tournament honouring Bandos and chose the next leader of his people."
  • When speaking to the Goblin ork, you have the option to ask him "Is it easy being green?". This is a reference to Kermit the Frog and the song of a similar name.
  • The Goblin Cleaner talks like Gollum/Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings, which (along with his occupation) gives him away as an infiltrator.
  • The quest contains several references to WWE and various other wrestling icons, including:
    • One of the two general goblins said: "I think" and Bork said: "It doesn't matter what you think", quoting Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.
    • At the end of the conversations in the swamp, Bork says: "I am the best there is, the best there ever was, and the best there will ever be", referencing Bret Hart.
    • The two General Goblins fight about being commentators.
    • "Just bring it!" is another quote from 'The Rock' and is stated by Bork, as well as being a dialogue option in several parts of the quest.
    • Lol the troll says "Whatcha gonna do when Lol runs wild on you?"[sic] referencing Hulk Hogan.
    • General Graardor before you battle him says "That bottom line, cos Graardor said so."[sic] referencing 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's catchphrase.
    • General Graardor says, before starting the fight with the player "Finally Graardor has returned to Yu'biusk," which is something 'The Rock' does with towns that he is in during his promos.
  • After checking the tournament board after the quest and hovering over the defeated participants' names, various puns can be found, including
    • Yelps - "Yelps' luck finally ran out, I guess you wheely gave it to him."
    • Mono - "Mono was knocked out with a blow to his blind spot, to be fair it's a pretty big blind spot!"
    • Lol - "Lol didn't have much to laugh about after you were done trolling him."
    • Farkle - "Farkle was no match for Bork, who's[sic] performance sure rocked."
    • Bork - "Much chaos ensued but Graardor won out when his opponent Bork-ed under the pressure."
    • Hobnob - "General Graardor definitely took the biscuit in that fight."
    • Graardor - "You showed him the Graar-Door."
  • When an innocent goblin is killed while looking for the human infiltrators, the player will say "He'll turn back into a human any minute". This is a reference to the "Meet the Spy" video for the game Team Fortress 2, in which the Soldier remarks how the blue spy will turn red any second.
  • The ogre named Farkle shares its name with one of Shrek's children from the movie Shrek the Third, with the other two being called Fergus and Felicia.