Dialogue for Ambassador Alvijar

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The following is a list of non-sequential dialogues.

  • Ambassador Alvijar: I can't stand these goblins sometimes! I come up with suggestions to make their city more efficient, and they just say it would spoil their precious way of life!
  • Ambassador Alvijar: I miss Keldagrim. This city is all very well, but no one makes an underground city like the dwarves!
  • Ambassador Alvijar: It's funny... whenever we dwarves have ventured onto the surface, we've found ourselves at war with the goblins there. But now we meet these goblins underground, and they're no threat at all. Maybe this will herald a change in our relations with the surface goblins as well.
  • Ambassador Alvijar: Trade with the goblins is going well at the moment. It's a pity they don't seem as interested in our beer as in your food, though!
  • Ambassador Alvijar: Thank you again for helping us complete the train link. Further delays would have cost the Consortium a lot of money.
  • Ambassador Alvijar: Oh, and I hear you saved someone's life as well. Well done on that count too.