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Oldak chathead.png

Oldak is the greatest inventor of the Dorgeshuun, an advanced tribe of cave goblins. He spends most of his time in his lab in his house at the bottom floor of north-western Dorgesh-Kaan, just north of the bank.

Oldak is known for his excellent magic skills, a trait uncommon amongst the cave goblins. He seems to view magic somewhat like a scientist; his home is filled with strange, metal instruments and littered with cables. Only after Dorgesh-Kaan's opening was he able to do much; the lack of available runes in the hidden city made things difficult.

Players with level 40 Invention can speak with him to start the Cave goblin tech tree. There is an Inventor's workbench in his lab.

Oldak's Thingymajig.

Moving-over-distance spheres[edit | edit source]

Oldak will make players moving-over-distance spheres if provided with un-noted molten glass and two law runes. He then proceeds to coat the molten glass in the crushed law runes, and when the glass is hardened, the orb has magical properties. When broken, the orbs will teleport players to one of several random areas in Dorgesh-Kaan.

During Another Slice of H.A.M., he will also make players goblin village spheres. After the quest is complete, he will make players these spheres in the same way as Dorgesh-Kaan spheres.

During and after the Land of the Goblins quest, a plain of mud sphere can transport players to the Goblin Cave located south-east of the Fishing Guild.

After The Chosen Commander quest, Oldak will create bandos throne room spheres that teleport players to the Bandos's throne room accessed during the quest. The throne room offers an Agility course and several attackable statues.

Skill boosts[edit | edit source]

Also, if a player inquires about the magic he has discovered, the cave goblin will explain some of his more recent discoveries, which will temporarily raise or lower the player's Magic or Runecrafting skill by up to two levels.

Talk to Oldak. Ask, "What have you discovered? "The response will vary depending on which skill is affected:

  • Runecrafting boost - Oldak lectures you on the construction of runes and you find yourself thinking about Runecrafting with greater clarity.
  • Magic boost - Oldak lectures you on the magic energies stored within runes and you find yourself thinking about Magic with greater clarity.

This is not possible during Land of the Goblins while the player is supposed to rescue Zanik.

Thieving chest[edit | edit source]

On the top floor of his house is a chest which can be opened with a lockpick if a player has a Thieving level of 52. The chest can be opened once every 3–5 minutes, and the loot obtainable from it is different from the loot of the other chests around the city.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 15 August 2016 (Update):
    • Fixed some chat with Oldak when asking about Technology before having unlocked Invention.
  • patch 17 March 2009 (Update):
    • Oldak's lightning machine no longer clips through the ceiling.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Oldak was meant to sound like a cross between Carl Sagan and Doc Brown.[1]
  • Out of the various instruments in his lab, there is a "Thingymajig" which resembles a stereotypical electric arc; an "Oojimafilp", which resembles a Van de Graaff generator which it also references with the examine text "Hair-raising"; as well as a "Magic ball" that bears a resemblance to a Plasma globe. All of them are common displays in science museums.

References[edit | edit source]

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