Kyzaj Tournament

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The arena for the Kyzaj Tournament.

The Kyzaj Tournament is a traditional Bandosian event held on Yu'biusk to determine leadership among Bandos' forces. It is a combat tournament in which each participating race puts forth a representing champion to do battle. The winner becomes the leader of Bandos' army until the next tournament is held. The losing finalist must be allowed to live, and serves as the winner's lieutenant.

Various rules are decided for each round of the tournament, such as the participants not being allowed to wear armour. In the final round of the tournament, the remaining two participants traditionally fight using Kyzaj, a heavy bladed Bandosian weapon and the tournament namesake. Additionally, a participating champion is allowed to have a 'trained attack beast' fight for them in their place. It is within the rules for a round winner to spare their opponent's life before the final round; however, according to Zarador, since the participants in the tournament are all Bandosians, this is practically unheard of.

The Mighty Fall[edit | edit source]

During The Mighty Fall quest, the latest Kyzaj Tournament is arranged after conflicts arise between the leaders of the remaining Bandosian forces while they plan to exterminate the Dorgeshuun. Zanik is chosen as the champion of the Dorgeshuun, but the player decides to fight in her place, serving as her 'trained attack beast' as she would be killed as soon as she set foot on Yu'biusk. Zarador's role is the tournament Arbiter, and he announces and oversees each battle, with generals Bentnoze and Wartface acting as commentators. In total, eight races are represented in the tournament; goblins, ogres, ourgs, trolls, orks, cyclopes, hobgoblins, and cave goblins.

In the first round:

In the second round:

  • General Graardor triumphs over Bork. Graardor tries to kill Bork but is stopped by Zarador since Bork is one of the few remaining of his kind.
  • The player defeats Lol in a no-armour match, and either kills or spares him.

The remaining participants in the final round are the player and General Graardor. They do battle using the Kyzaj, and the player eventually defeats the ourg.

As a result of the player's victory, Zanik is declared the leader. However, Zarador intervenes and throws Zanik into the arena in an attempt to persuade the player to kill Zanik to show their devotion to Bandos. According to the tournament rules, the cave goblins are forfeit from the tournament if she is killed, but the player will be recognised as the strongest and the Bandosians will not invade Dorgesh-Kaan. If the player spares Zanik, then Graardor becomes her lieutenant as per tradition, but he refuses to associate himself with her and angrily leaves. If the player kills Zanik, then the Dorgeshuun are disqualified, resulting in Graardor being the winner, although he has not decided on a lieutenant.